NFL 2023-24 Live Chats

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NFL 2023-24 Live Chats

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Image I have set up our usual channel for live chatting NFL games! \:D/

If you aren't super into football that's okay, everyone is welcome! If you want to just root along with whoever the channel is cheering, great! If you're not actually watching the game yourself but just want to hang out, also great! Your sports savvy doesn't matter in the slightest, the important thing is just to be there because the more people there are the more fun it is! Sharing live reactions with others like this greatly adds to the enjoyment of the game, please come give yours! :D

It is particularly great when we have some fans in of one of the teams currently playing so the channel can root along with them, team fans for our rivalry games (see below) for some good-natured competitive chat, and members of our fantasy league who can comment on how their players perform!

Connect to the Chatroom and join #NFL if you're able to be online while you watch and let's have some ToO viewing parties!

Schedule of games, dates, times, and channels

ToO Rivalry Games: Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

* Weekly schedule will be added later*
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