The B Team Platform

Are you new in town? Unfamiliar with what to do first? Pop in and take a look at several helpful guides to get you settled into your new home! You'll also find Mayoral announcements to keep you abreast of the latest developments!
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The B Team Platform

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"Isn't another election cycle here," the concerned members of the Town ask. "Where are the eligible teams? Have we run out of good candidates?"

Yes, yes, and possibly. But never fear! The B Team is here!
Bren for Town Mayor - Bob for Chief of Police
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Meet the Candidates
For those who don't know me (which is incredibly sad 😂 ), I'm Bren, and I hope to be your next Mayor. I have been part of this fine community for almost 14 years. Does that make me old? Nevertheless, I'm a former Mayor, mod, and council member. I feel a deep connection to this place that I haven't found anywhere else. My hope in the next 4 months is to show folks that this place can be lots of fun.
Aloha. I've been called Bob here since I registered in 2006 (although my real name is James). I've never been elected or a staff member on the ToO forum, but I've had experience as a staff member and webmaster, moderating, hosting, and helping to maintain several forums over the past few years. Some people say that forums are dead in 2022, especially the ToO. But I believe in forums as a means of orderly communication, and I'm also a bit attached to the ToO. With your help and support, we intend to take our best shot at engineering a comeback for the Town this term.

Read the Platform

I. Social Media Advocacy
Over the last few years I have tried to promote various happenings around here on our social media pages for Facebook and Twittter. I think a social media presence is vital for our board in this day and age as a way to reach not only current members but potential members as well. I will continue to do this during our term. I will also accept suggestions for topics you'd like me to feature.

II. St. Patrick's Day Event
For the week of St. Patrick's Day (March 13-17), we strongly recommend that all members have either a green avatar, or green somewhere in your signature. We will be checking for this, and if you don't have it, you will be subject to 3 days (March 18-20) of slime on your profile in some way.

III. Live Chats
We are currently in talks to organize a live online discussion with a member of the AIO team, to be held on the IRC server. Transcripts will be posted here after the fact. The crew member and format of the channel will be revealed at a later time.

IV. Truth & Trivia
We intend to run a trivia game in a style similar to "Who Wants to Be Rich" and the Bible Bowls. Question topics will drawn from the Bible, Adventures in Odyssey/Focus on the Family trivia, and Town of Odyssey history. If someone successfully makes it through the gauntlet of twelve questions, they will receive our congratulations, a temporary honorific usergroup, and potentially other surprises.

V. Mayor for a Week
Everyone dreams of having power at some time in their life. During our term, one of you wonderful citizens will have a chance to sit in my mayoral seat for a week, and serve alongside myself and Bob. You will have to submit an entry based on a writing prompt, and a winner will be chosen based on these entries. The winner gets to put together an event of their choosing. No rearranging my desk, though!

VI. Forum Changes
We intend to make general changes and tweaks to the forum to help streamline things and promote the general welfare. Some of these are likely to be similar, but not limited to, the things that have been discussed previously in the Eco/Tech community discussions.

For a couple of examples of things we want to work on:
We feel it would be prudent to archive Crestwood Avenue for the time being, given that it has completely inactive since the economic system went down. (If it becomes useful again, it can make a triumphant return.)
We also intend to reform Gower's Field, which has seen little use over the past few years, and is currently the most inactive public first-level board on the forum.

VII. Badges
You've asked for it for years. Now, in the event of our election, Eugene has graciously agreed to spend time to implement a new feature: at long last, badges are coming. What are badges? Badges are awards that can be displayed on your profile, similar to the Odyssey Owl badge above. These badges will be awarded by admins for things that we feel deserve recognition. We expect to come up with many ways to earn these in the future, so stay tuned.

VIII. Random Tidbits
Start your Town visits with a pleasant surprise! We will regularly post jokes, verses, definitions of words, facts, or other miscellaneous random tidbits up in a prominent area, to help amuse, edify, and inform you.

IX. Town Anniversary & Reunion Event
This April 1st will be the 17th anniversary of the opening of the Town of Odyssey! Although we're a year over the traditional 5-year interval ;) , we feel it is appropriate to commemorate this with an event. From Sunday, March 27 to Saturday, April 2, we'll put up a special board. Besides reminiscing, members will have the opportunity to participate in a series of competitions, the winner of which will be announced as part of the closing event.


Stay tuned for further event announcements, and remember, events we announce in advance are only a part of our objectives for this term. If elected, we intend to do our best to make the Town a fun, Christ-centered, AIO-focused, virtual town, and you can never tell what surprises and spontaneous events we might try as a part of that!
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