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Post by bookworm »

I love this time of year!
I was just at the library and on my way out I saw something so inviting I had to take a detour instead of going right to the car.

Beside the library is an expanse of grass. I believe it’s considered a park, but there’s nothing there. It’s just an open area with a few trees.
The trees were almost bare and the ground was covered in thousands of leaves, all gold and brown and orange and red, an exact image of what you’d expect Autumn to be.
I walked over and just wandered around taking it in. The leaves crunched as I walked on them. As I got among the trees a huge gust of wind picked up and the leaves swirled all around me. Quintessential Autumn.
In the distance there was a man and woman and three little kids. They were running around catching leaves and shouting, having the greatest time.
As the wind blew it didn’t blow all the leaves away, it created a beautiful ripple of leaves that started where I was and moved across the ground toward them.
It was so wonderfully beautiful and peaceful.
I wish I could have stayed longer but I had to get to campus. I might go back tomorrow.
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Post by Musical Shutterbug »

Autumn won't be around for long, unfortunately :( Soon it will be Christmas...with snow \:D/

Well, no snow for where I live, but for lots of other folks!
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Post by Jesus' Princess »

Autumn is basically over for where I live :( all the leaves are gone and now it's just wet. It snowed yesterday for a good part of the afternoon. Winter is just around the corner.
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Post by Graces4you »

Autumn was basically over here in the 2nd-3rd week of October. It has been wet and windy here on and off for the past week, but we've had some nice weather lately. It snowed here last Saturday, only an inch and a half so not much, it's all gone now and more is on the way \:D/ There was about a foot and a half on the ground last year so I can't wait until it snows more!

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Post by TigerintheShadows »

It feels like autumn over here. I love where I live, because there are deciduous trees everywhere. When I go to school in the morning, there's two roads, one going to the area where we have the schools (and a baseball stadium! \:D/) and another going from the area. There's one of those long grassy medians with trees all in it and it's like a line of fireworks or something. It's a great view. Plus, there are a lot of mountains with those kinds of trees, so it's awesome to look off into the distance.
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