Live Chat with Kathy Buchanan

Whit's wiping down the counter, Connie's mopping the floor, and the kids are sipping on their milkshakes. If you want to talk about Adventures in Odyssey the radio drama, this is the spot to do just that!
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Live Chat with Kathy Buchanan

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📷 @snubs

It's time for another live chat with writer and director Kathy Buchanan. Kathy has written over 100 episodes and directed over 60 episodes. She is the brains behind so many romantic episodes. Her latest work is the newest action-packed, Album 73: 28 Hours!

Now it's time to ask Kathy your hard hitting questions. On Tuesday, September 13th, at 6:30 CST, you can join us in our chatroom for a great conversation with Kathy. ***SPOILER ALERT*** Discussion of 28 Hours WILL be permitted, so SPOILERS are likely! You have been warned!

Time Zone Conversion:
Pacific: 4:30 PM
Mountain: 5:30 PM
Central: 6:30 PM
Eastern: 7:30 PM

We ask that when you join that you are respectful of Kathy's time and don't bombard her with questions all at once. We realize this time might not be ideal for everyone. If you have questions but can't make it to the event or don't want to be spoiled, please submit your question(s) to Bren via direct message. Most importantly, enjoy yourself.

We hope to see you there at 6:30 PM CST, on Tuesday, September 13th.
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Post by bookworm »

What an exciting opportunity, with the 28 Hours release!
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Post by Catspaw »

Sounds great Bren! I probably won't make it in person, but like the other chats, I love to read all the comments in the transcript later! I do need to catch up on the new episodes first - thanks for the heads up regarding potential spoilers!
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YES. I am so excited!
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Here is the transcript!

Notice: Contains Album 73 spoilers.

19:29 KathyBuchanan joined #bchat
19:30 <MRydell>: Hi Kathy
19:30 <Ruthie164>: Hi
19:30 <Stephen_P>: Great to have you here!
19:30 <baysimp>: hello!
19:30 <Kelli>: Hi 😀
19:30 <KathyBuchanan>: Hi Everyone!! Thanks for joining in!
19:30 <Ruthie164>: Yay!
19:30 Joey joined #bchat
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19:31 KrisJim joined #bchat
19:31 Odysseyfan37 joined #bchat
19:31 <KrisJim>: Is this where we'll see the live interview with Mrs. Buchanan?
19:32 <baysimp>: yep!
19:32 <baysimp>: she's here!
19:32 Puspy joined #bchat
19:32 <KathyBuchanan>: HI!
19:33 <Bren>: Good to have you Kathy. Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us this evening
19:33 <KathyBuchanan>: My pleasure!
19:34 <Kelli>: Album 73 was AMAZING!!!
19:34 <KathyBuchanan>: Aw...thank you!
19:34 <KathyBuchanan>: It was so much fun.
19:34 <KathyBuchanan>: to write
19:34 <baysimp>: it was AWESOME!
19:34 <Kelli>: I imagine it was. I think I got a few gray hairs listening though 😂
19:34 <Bren>: We have a great group here, so I say we get started
19:34 Meg joined #bchat
19:34 <Bren>: Welcome to tonight's live chat with Kathy Buchanan. Kathy has written over 100 stories since joining the team during the era of split episodes in the late 90s. Her most recent work that listeners have heard is Album 73: 28 Hours. Which, we WILL allow discussion of. So SPOILERS may come up in this chat. Consider yourself warned. If you wish to avoid SPOILERS, you can wait and read the transcript of this chat at a later date over at This will be a relaxed discussion. But, I ask that you don't bombard Kathy with 28 questions at once. ;)
19:34 <CATEIN>: when will the chairman return?
19:34 <Ruthie164>: Of which part are you most proud?
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19:36 <KathyBuchanan>: We're discussing plans for the chairman now, but it'll likely be several albums down the road.
19:36 <baysimp>: not 20 years though, please?
19:36 <KathyBuchanan>: NOT 20 years
19:36 <KathyBuchanan>: The most proud? Ooh...that's tough.
19:37 <KathyBuchanan>: I was happy with how all the tension was coming from all directions in 'Final Minutes.'
19:37 <Stephen_P>: How long were you planning this for Jillian's character? Was this the original intent?
19:37 <KathyBuchanan>: Yes! I pitched the idea in Spring of 2019 at our writer's meeting.
19:37 <Ruthie164>: I was on the edge of my seat!
19:37 <Kelli>: I think one of my favorite parts was Dr. Graham in final minutes
19:38 <baysimp>: YES Kelli!
19:38 <Bren>: So you knew early on that this was your end game then?
19:38 <hedgehog>: For 28 Hours, what was it like writing the storyline to suit six episodes? It was such a great album that it made me want to listen to more.
19:38 <KathyBuchanan>: There was some pushback about if the fans would get upset that a character they liked then suddenly became someone else. And I said "I'll just make her fake personality really annoying."
19:39 <Puspy>: that was too good about Jillian's identity. I did not see it coming
19:39 Ashley joined #bchat
19:39 <baysimp>: you did a good job of that XD
19:39 <Kelli>: yes, you did amazing with Jillian for sure
19:39 <KathyBuchanan>: Originally it was going to be a 6-parter that included the Buck storyline as well.
19:40 <Stephen_P>: that's the one you talked about in the podcast earlier
19:40 <KrisJim>: The way Jillian ended up makes it a great thing that Jason and Jillian didn't *really* get together, the way they *pretended* in "Nightmares by Constance" to help Connie solve the mystery
19:40 <KathyBuchanan>: And then Dave and Marshal wanted me to separate them and make Buck a 2-parter and the Jillian Reveal (as it was originally called between the writers) would be a 3-parter.
19:40 <baysimp>: only 3?!?
19:40 <KathyBuchanan>: And I kept begging Marshal for another part.
19:41 <KathyBuchanan>: So he finally gave me 4. Then 5. Then 6.
19:41 <Stephen_P>: And we are so glad you got them :-)
19:41 Pete joined #bchat
19:41 <Kelli>: Im glad he gave you the 6 ❤️
19:42 <Kelli>: will we hear more from Sky?
19:42 <KathyBuchanan>: In the outline, Part 1, was about 35 scenes long, and Nathan Hoobler was like...maybe you should make it 4-parts
19:42 <Ashley>: Oof I asked a question but I think I disconnected so you might’ve already answered it or it didn’t go through lol but what was your favourite Connie-Mitch romance scene to write?
19:42 <Bren>: I like Jillian a lot more now than I did before tbh. I would like to hear about her time on the mission field in the near future
19:42 <baysimp>: yes Bren!
19:42 <KathyBuchanan>: You will!
19:42 <baysimp>: yay!
19:42 <ASmouseInTheHouse>: I'm all for that!
19:43 <Kelli>: Yay ❤️
19:43 <Bren>: I totally ship Jillian and Jason at this point, but they have lots of issues to sort through if they get together
19:43 <KathyBuchanan>: The original 28 hours also had a storyline with Zoe and Olivia interning at the TV station, and getting kidnapped by Sky
19:43 <Kelli>: ohhhhh that would have been intense too
19:43 <Puspy>: Oooo that would've been interesting!
19:43 <KathyBuchanan>: Because they wanted some kids involved--but it became too much
19:44 <KrisJim>: Too much as in too long or too intense?
19:44 <KathyBuchanan>: Too long
19:44 <Puspy>: I thought Connie was going to get kidnapped at one point...
19:44 <KrisJim>: Maybe that part can be a book
19:44 <KathyBuchanan>: Speaking of intense, I thought the last part would have a warning. I was kinda surprised.
19:44 <KrisJim>: Just like they're doing with Blackgaard now
19:45 <baysimp>: I thought the whole thing should have a warning, tbh.
19:45 <Kelli>: The 1000 episode should be the big Chairman catch and reveal 😀
19:45 <KrisJim>: @Kelli yes!
19:45 <baysimp>: When/how did you decide to bring Sky into the story?
19:45 ASmouseInTheHouse left #bchat
19:45 <KathyBuchanan>: I was racking my brain for an Odyssey character that could be evil. Someone the listeners would be familiar with, but not someone that they saw as a Christian role model.
19:45 <KathyBuchanan>: Amid a few other contenders, Sky won out.
19:45 <KathyBuchanan>: Of course, it also had to be a character we were okay with losing
19:45 Puspy quit
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19:46 <Kelli>: I thought Connie was going to get kidnapped too when she went to Whit’s end
19:46 <baysimp>: I actually enjoyed having Connie not get kidnapped, for once.
19:46 <Stephen_P>: When Sky's vehicle was found at the hospital, the bag was still inside. Based on the "heavy" description Polehaus gave earlier, I'm assuming this originally contained the bomb. Why was the suitcase still inside the car when the bomb had been taken inside?
19:47 <KathyBuchanan>: The bomb was in the trunk. The suitcase actually had her clothes in it since she was planning on fleeing the country
19:47 <baysimp>: Oh the bomb wasn't already in the basement?
19:47 <Bren>: I also enjoyed the NCIS vibes 28 Hours gave me
19:47 <Kelli>: Were the actors surprised when they recorded final minutes?
19:48 <Meg>: How did you come up with all of the prank ideas for Champ of the Camp? That is an amazing episode!
19:48 <KathyBuchanan>: Some of the pranks from Champ of the Camp (itching powder/underwear) were things I actually did at camp.
19:48 <KathyBuchanan>: Nathan Hoobler gave me the idea of the Limburger cheese
19:48 <Meg>: Haha that's amazing! Love that you pulled from your own experiences as a camper :D
19:48 <Kelli>: that was a great episode too
19:48 <KathyBuchanan>: Katie message me after she read it (we send the scripts to the actors in advance) and she was so excited!
19:49 <Kelli>: awwww. I love that.
19:49 CATEIN quit
19:50 <Ruthie164>: If my memory serves me correctly, at Sonic Con Nato Jacobson said he was helping you with a top secret project. Did he help write 28 Hours?
19:51 <KathyBuchanan>: He had asked to shadow me in some way since he was coming to town, and I invited him to brainstorm it with me. I only knew at that point that Jillian would be revealed and I wanted the show to end with a bomb at the hospital. We threw some ideas around, but it was early on, and I'm pretty sure everything changed since then.
19:51 <Ruthie164>: That's cool!
19:52 <Stephen_P>: Why did Rusk attempt to go into the shop during business hours instead of doing it overnight? Was this supposed to be the initial kidnapping attempt (where they could also steal fingerprints), or were they banking that the shop would open late?
19:52 <JoshuaLuther>: Do you think Jillian's undercover situation is unhealthy since she can't be a part of a local church?
19:52 <baysimp>: she goes to church with connie and jules
19:52 <JoshuaLuther>: I would say that there's a big difference between just going to a church and being a part of a church.
19:52 <baysimp>: but going is better than nothing.
19:52 <KrisJim>: How did you get started writing professionally?
19:52 <KathyBuchanan>: I started writing professionally because I was a terrible coordinator.
19:54 <KathyBuchanan>: I started out as the Odyssey coordinator, but I was terrible at keeping things organized. (Creative minds and all...) I thought they were going to fire me, but I'd been a part of a couple creative meetings and tossed out ideas, so they asked if I wanted to write instead.
19:54 <KathyBuchanan>: That was 20 years ago...
19:54 Skint quit
19:54 <KathyBuchanan>: Jillian can still go to church and learn and worship. I suppose it would be harder for her to lead a Bible study. But at least now she has some people she can talk with about it.
19:54 <Kelli>: You’re an amazing writer. ❤️
19:55 <KathyBuchanan>: Thanks, Kelli!
19:55 <Meg>: This might have been answered loooong ago, but can I ask why the decision was made to not have Connie and Mitch continue in their relationship? Curious about that, from a writing perspective!
19:56 <KathyBuchanan>: To be honest, I never loved the chemistry between Mitch and Connie--although I appreciate them both as actors.
19:56 <KathyBuchanan>: And when the actor who played Mitch moved away, and we were debating anyway on how much it would change Connie's character, that seemed to be the answer.
19:56 PeacheyKeen joined #bchat
19:56 <Odysseyfan37>: Any chance of a Connie and Jeff relationship at this point?
19:57 <Kelli>: Oh wow. I loved them as a couple but definitely agree that Connie needs to stay in Odyssey
19:58 <KathyBuchanan>: At the time, she was the most relatable regarding 'kid' stuff, and getting married would change the things she struggled with, questioned, etc.
19:58 <KathyBuchanan>: Plus, we'd always have to explain where the spouse is during vacations and Thanksgiving shows. It's also a matter of needing to cast a lot of characters, and there's a budget
19:59 <Meg>: That's so interesting! And totally makes sense. It would definitely move her into a different "category" of character. And I could never see her moving. Still, the back and forth tension about their decision was very well done!
19:59 <Meg>: I didn't even think about holidays! That's so true
19:59 <Bren>: I know this won't come up anywhere else, but since we have you here, I gotta at least throw it out there. You had a brief stint writing for the hit radio drama Down Gilead Lane. How did that come about and how would you compare writing for AIO vs DGL?
19:59 <PeacheyKeen>: Great question, Bren. I love DGL!
19:59 <KathyBuchanan>: I only wrote one Gilead Lane story--I think. Maybe a few. I really like working with a team, so it was different in that way. You're pretty much on your own with your assignment.
20:00 Joey quit
20:00 <PeacheyKeen>: Family Camp and Miss Rhubarb are the episodes.
20:00 MRydell quit
20:00 <KathyBuchanan>: That I wrote?
20:00 <PeacheyKeen>: Yes, I believe so.
20:00 <KathyBuchanan>: I'm sure you're right--it's just been awhile.
20:01 Suzu77 joined #bchat
20:01 <KathyBuchanan>: Someone asked about Jeff, and I think it's safe to say Connie and Jeff won't ever be a thing
20:02 <KathyBuchanan>: However...even though Phil would disagree, I wouldn't rule out Connie ever being in a relationship. Her character will continue to grow and at some point I think we'll feel it's time for her. But no plans right now.
20:02 <Kelli>: Tell Phil, please ❤️
20:02 <Stephen_P>: Where do you go for creative inspiration?
20:02 <hedgehog>: How did you learn/get the idea for Irena Sendler for One More Name? Those are my favorite Club episodes and I had never heard of Irena Sendler before!
20:03 Guest8336 joined #bchat
20:03 <KathyBuchanan>: I saw the Irena Sendler story on Facebook originally. And I though--how come I've never heard of this before, too! So I started researching it and just fell in love with the story, and knew it needed to be told.
20:04 <hedgehog>: Her story is so inspiring, thank you for writing those episodes!
20:04 <Ruthie164>: Yes it was incredible and moving.
20:04 <KathyBuchanan>: My creative inspiration comes from my kids, books I'm reading, news stories, on walks with my dog when ideas pop into my head. Kind of everywhere. There's a part of my brain that's always looking for a story.
20:05 <Bren>: You were right @PeacheyKeen. Just went and listened to the credits for those eps
20:05 <baysimp>: Was the title of 28 Hours a reference to the 28 episodes in Novacom?
20:05 <KathyBuchanan>: I had no idea there were 28 episodes in Novacom. Wow--you guys are good.
20:05 <KathyBuchanan>: I wish I'd been that clever.
20:06 <KathyBuchanan>: We were basically at the deadline for needing a title. We have to know them by the time Chris records wraps. Nathan had suggested 'Hidden Pearl' with the device in Jason's brain being a pearl, and I thought--since it all takes place over such a short period of time--to call it that.
20:07 <KathyBuchanan>: My original ideas for episode titles was 8am-2pm, 4pm to 12am, etc. Thankfully, Nathan and Marshal came up with better episode titles
20:07 <PeacheyKeen>: I know you wrote Something Significant that had a little about Amy Carmichael. It would cool if you could devote an entire episode to her story.
20:07 <KathyBuchanan>: I'd love to do another story on Amy Carmichael. Maybe someday...
20:07 <Stephen_P>: Where/when did Rusk actually implant the device? It sounds like it would have to be done either in the ambulance or at the cabin, based on the timing and ambulance sightings. But if he was at the cabin, how did he get back out without any tracks before Polehaus and Whit got there?
20:07 <KathyBuchanan>: it was in the ambulance. He checked himself out of the hospital shortly after Whit and Jason left.
20:08 Odysseyfan37 quit
20:08 <Stephen_P>: Who was the actual voice in the ambulance, then? We only hear one voice, and it doesn't sound like either Moe (sp?) or Eddie.
20:09 <KathyBuchanan>: Do you mean the EMT?
20:09 <Stephen_P>: Yes
20:09 <KathyBuchanan>: He was just another hired bad guy
20:09 <Kelli>: Oscar was great
20:09 <baysimp>: Grayson Smith played the extravert guy in the cabin, right?
20:09 <KathyBuchanan>: Do you know who played Oscar? Anyone?
20:10 <KathyBuchanan>: Yes, the extrovert was Grayson. I thought he did great.
20:10 <Kelli>: He was really good
20:10 <Stephen_P>: Indeed
20:10 <PeacheyKeen>: I'm sure it was Townsend playing Oscar.
20:10 <KathyBuchanan>: You're right!
20:10 <KathyBuchanan>: Could you tell right away?
20:10 <baysimp>: nice!
20:10 <baysimp>: i never would've guessed
20:10 <Kelli>: ahhhh I can hear it now
20:11 <hedgehog>: I can hear it now too haha
20:11 <PeacheyKeen>: It took me a few seconds at least.
20:11 <Kelli>: Mo was great too
20:11 <KathyBuchanan>: We were going to wild Oscar in later, but Townsend offered to do it with a different voice. We recorded the lines separately (all Jason lines, then all Oscar lines) so we could replace him if it didn't work. But we ended up using it.
20:11 <PeacheyKeen>: That's cool! I probably wondered if he maybe did it like Walker Edmiston did with Tom and Bart.
20:11 <Bren>: What are you most excited for fans to hear from Album 74?
20:12 <KathyBuchanan>: Oooh...that I can't say, but we do have some fun things coming up.
20:12 <Stephen_P>: Looking forward to it!
20:12 <baysimp>: is the title a reference to Buck and Jules' ship name?
20:13 <KathyBuchanan>: Maybe...
20:13 <KathyBuchanan>: Probably....
20:13 <Kelli>: How did you feel when 78 hours started airing in the club? Excited? Nervous?
20:13 <KathyBuchanan>: 78 hours? What happened in the last 50?
20:13 <KathyBuchanan>: I need to know!!
20:13 <baysimp>: XD
20:13 <Kelli>: opps 28 hours 😂😂😂
20:13 <KathyBuchanan>: I was totally and completely nervous.
20:14 <KathyBuchanan>: It had been in the plans for so long, and I'd read comments sometimes about Jillian, and have to sit on my hands to not give clues. And Keeping it from my kids was sooo hard.
20:15 <KathyBuchanan>: I let my daughter listen to it early and watched her face when part 1 ended.
20:15 <Kelli>: That’s awesome
20:15 <Ruthie164>: In my reasoning, Jillian is responsible for everything in 28 Hours since she forgot to set the alarm at Triple J's.
20:15 <Ruthie164>: Was that intentional?
20:15 Pete quit
20:16 <KathyBuchanan>: Jillian made a mistake. But there's a reason behind it so she's not completely at fault.
20:16 <Bren>: Was there any pushback from the team about having Jason flatline?
20:16 <Stephen_P>: I was a little confused as to how Jason could both be "flatlined" and in "v-tach" :-P
20:16 KrisJim quit
20:16 <KathyBuchanan>: One person had an issue with the flatlining. I did end up shortening the time.
20:17 <baysimp>: Did you consult with a medical person on that scene?
20:17 <PeacheyKeen>: I really enjoyed the latest Club episode, The 18-Yard Line. Powerful stuff. What was the inspiration for that story?
20:18 <KathyBuchanan>: I have a connection with a brain surgeon who gave me feedback. He also helped me with Austin's injuries/treatment in 18-yard-Line.
20:18 <KathyBuchanan>: And Nathan's Hoobler's wife is a nurse who had assisted in brain surgeries, so she adjusted the final dialogue on that part.
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20:19 <hedgehog>: There were guesses about Jillian being on the album cover of 28 Hours, were you nervous about those guesses?
20:20 <KathyBuchanan>: The original art was very obviously Jillian, so we asked Gary to adjust it. She kept getting more covered and moving further back. I was a little nervous about people guessing, but I figured if they did--they still wouldn't know if she was good or bad.
20:20 <Kelli>: Someone had asked in the spoilers group on Facebook the other day about Jillian tampering with the evidence on the green sweatshirt. Will that be discussed later?
20:21 <KathyBuchanan>: My sons (age 9 and 11) love playing football, and they're both doing tackle this year. They asked for football stories because there weren't any at the time, so I wrote it for them.
20:22 <KathyBuchanan>: I suppose my nervous-Mom role inspired the story. Since those are the thoughts that nervous Moms think.
20:22 <Kelli>: that’s so sweet of you to do that for your kids. It was a great episode too
20:22 Guest8336 joined #bchat
20:22 <Bren>: I hate to bring up a personal thing so if you don't wish to answer you can totally pass. A few years ago, you tragically lost your husband. How are you and your family doing now?
20:23 <KathyBuchanan>: It's been a rough few years for sure. But we keep going. Some days are harder than others. So much of the first couple years was just taking care of the kids.
20:24 Odysseyfan37 joined #bchat
20:24 <KathyBuchanan>: It definitely stretched my faith
20:24 <Stephen_P>: Will be praying for you all.
20:24 <KathyBuchanan>: Thanks, Stephen.
20:25 <Kelli>: yes, praying for y’all.
20:25 <baysimp>: <3
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20:25 <KathyBuchanan>: For the last Mother's Day he was with us, he gave me scuba diving lessons. So this past summer, I finally used them. And last weekend I got certified in Cozumel.
20:26 <Stephen_P>: Whoa...that's incredible
20:26 <KathyBuchanan>: It was bittersweet in that he wasn't there with me, but it was also something I knew he'd want me to do. And it was pretty amazing.
20:26 <baysimp>: wow
20:26 <Kelli>: Congratulations ❤️
20:26 <hedgehog>: Aw wow!
20:26 <Bren>: Aww, thats amazing
20:26 <PeacheyKeen>: I guess we'll hear a scuba diving episode in the future then. ;)
20:26 <KathyBuchanan>: Now I know a lot more about writing for Wooton and Penny scuba diving!
20:27 <KathyBuchanan>: Yep--you will
20:27 <Ruthie164>: I have to go now but I just wanted to say thank you so much Kathy Buchanan!! God bless and keep up the great work!
20:27 Ruthie164 quit
20:27 <KathyBuchanan>: Thank you. I love being here with you all.
20:27 <PeacheyKeen>: Is there a character on AIO that you have not written for yet but want to?
20:27 <KathyBuchanan>: Renee
20:27 <KathyBuchanan>: Maybe Wilson
20:27 <KathyBuchanan>: Not Buddy
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20:28 <Stephen_P>: "Not Buddy"? XD
20:28 <KathyBuchanan>: That's all I'll say about that
20:28 <KathyBuchanan>: ;D
20:28 <PeacheyKeen>: As Michael LaFaver would say, "Aww, Buddy." XD
20:28 <PeacheyKeen>: That's okay. Buddy is misunderstood but he's one of my favorite current kid characters.
20:29 <KathyBuchanan>: He is misunderstood. Mostly by me.
20:29 <baysimp>: Is Penny's middle name top secret? Like the recipe to raspberry ripple?
20:29 <KathyBuchanan>: Paul McCusker came up with the name. I don't know if he really knows her middle name.
20:29 <Bren>: Since your first episode was a split episode, what do you make of the criticism those episodes get?
20:29 <KathyBuchanan>: I was just happy to have a show!
20:29 <KathyBuchanan>: But I cannot listen to those at all. I don't even let my kids listen to them if I'm around. It's painful.
20:30 <PeacheyKeen>: There are some really fun split episodes.
20:30 <KathyBuchanan>: Yes, but I'm glad we're not doing them anymore
20:30 <Kelli>: Which ones can’t you listen to? My chat thing messed up for a minute
20:31 <KathyBuchanan>: The split episodes. And Slumber Party.
20:31 <Kelli>: Oh ok
20:31 <Stephen_P>: Approximately how long/extensive is the famed "AiO Writer's Bible"? Not sure if that's classified or not...
20:31 <KathyBuchanan>: I have no idea. It just keeps getting added to.
20:31 <J>: For what it's worth, my dad has always liked "The Eternal Birthday".
20:31 <KathyBuchanan>: God bless your dad.
20:31 <Bren>: I went back and looked at your list of episodes on the wiki, I had no idea you had wrote so many of my favorites
20:32 <KathyBuchanan>: Which are your favorites?
20:32 <PeacheyKeen>: Slumber Party is a fan favorite. It made it to the Fan Favorites album. I love that episode!
20:32 <snubs>: I really enjoy that episode as well.
20:32 <Bren>: Potlucks & Poetry is great
20:33 <KathyBuchanan>: My friends and i actually did heat up pizza with a lightbulb at a slumber party
20:33 <KathyBuchanan>: So we wouldn't wake up her parents
20:33 Odysseyfan37 quit
20:33 <Stephen_P>: That reminds me of those "Easy Bake" ovens
20:33 <Kelli>: That’s hilarious
20:33 <baysimp>: Stars in our Eyes has some great Wooton content
20:34 <Bren>: You also wrote Mandy's Debut, which was preformed live at NRB, were you there for that?
20:34 <KathyBuchanan>: That was one of the three Marshal, Nathan and I passed along to each other. One of us would do the first draft, and another person the second.
20:34 <KathyBuchanan>: Yes--I was there for Mandy's Debut. That was so early on in my writing--I was super excited.
20:35 <Bren>: I love that Davey came back for Stars in Our Eyes
20:35 MSLaFaver joined #bchat
20:35 <MSLaFaver>: I hear there are some Buddy non-fans in the chat... 🤔
20:35 <Pete>: Hi Kathy! Thank you for doing this! Any characters who have left the show that you miss writing for?
20:35 <KathyBuchanan>: Well...Will comes to mind. He was so fun to write for and work with.
20:35 <KathyBuchanan>: But...that's an actor not a character, so let me think...
20:36 <KathyBuchanan>: Bernard for sure.
20:36 <Kelli>: I know y’all Miss Will so much 😭
20:37 <Stephen_P>: How does collaboration with sound designers work? Do you just hand things off to them or is there more ongoing collaboration?
20:37 <KathyBuchanan>: They read the scripts prior to recording and give feedback on things that might be problematic, or how things could be simplified in some cases.
20:37 <KathyBuchanan>: Like it's really difficult to do sound when a person is changing location, like going out of Whit's End to outside.
20:38 <Stephen_P>: Ohhhh that makes sense
20:38 <KathyBuchanan>: Then during the recording, they give feedback on stuff they need or needs to be re-recorded.
20:39 <KathyBuchanan>: Some writers want to hear the voice tracks after the sound designers edits them and is more hands-on during the process. I like to hand it over and just let them do their magic.
20:39 <PeacheyKeen>: You wrote In a Sun-Scorched Land and similar stories for RiverCross. What was the process of making sure the AIO episode stayed toned down for it's American audience versus the RiverCross ones for Africa?
20:40 Suzu77 quit
20:40 <KathyBuchanan>: I'm sure Sun Scorched Land idea came about because I was doing so much research for River Cross and being inundated with these really powerful stories. Also, because my boys are from Africa I wanted to do something that was honorable about that continent.
20:41 <KathyBuchanan>: Like I didn't want it to be a 'white savior' kind of answer. But show strength in their own right.
20:42 <PeacheyKeen>: Both are really good stories. It was tough listening to Jabota Bridge but made me aware of what kids over there are facing.
20:42 <KathyBuchanan>: The African audience definitely have a different perspective, and a more adult audience.
20:42 <KathyBuchanan>: Jabota Bridge was so hard to write, because of all the interviews and knowing this stuff is actually happening to kids the same age as mine.
20:42 <KathyBuchanan>: It's such an important message.
20:43 <Stephen_P>: Are you based out of Colorado Springs or do you work remotely?
20:43 <KathyBuchanan>: I'm in Colorado Springs, but I can work remotely. Like in Cozumel. (:
20:43 <Stephen_P>: Job perks ;)
20:44 <KathyBuchanan>: Eventually I'd love to just travel the world and write from wherever
20:44 <KathyBuchanan>: My boys are reminding me I told them we'd get new cleats tonight, so I need to go.
20:44 <KathyBuchanan>: But it was so much fun to chat with you all. I appreciate you immensely.
20:44 <Stephen_P>: Thank you so much!
20:44 <baysimp>: thanks for chatting!
20:45 <PeacheyKeen>: Thanks so much, Kathy! God bless you and your family.
20:45 MSLaFaver quit
20:45 <hedgehog>: Thank you for chatting with us!
20:45 <Bren>: Gotta look out for the guys. Thank you so much for your time
20:45 KathyBuchanan quit
20:46 <Stephen_P>: Thanks for setting this up, Bren
20:46 <Bren>: Thanks for coming folks
20:46 <Stephen_P>: Been looking forward to this
20:47 <hedgehog>: Thanks, Bren!
20:47 <Bren>: Glad to do it guys
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I have to avoid this until I won't be afraid of spoilers! :mad:
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According to AioWiki those episodes start airing October 1st.
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I'm an AIO Club member, I just...usually still wait for the CD album before listening to new episodes. :anxious:
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