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955: Value in the Process

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2023 10:15 am
by Polehaus53
Morrie and Suzu feel like their talents are being wasted at school when Whit wants Morrie to join a low-level computer class, and Suzu to join the newspaper as a reporter.
Anyone have any thoughts on this latest Rydell episode?
I'll need to listen to this episode again before making any final judgements. But it is safe to say that with the the issues in the last Morrie episode, "The Team", along all the controversy surrounding the Rydell Saga as a whole, my investment in the Rydell arc has dropped quite a bit. :anxious:

I liked that we got to see Morrie and Suzu with Whit and them interacting together as a family. This is something that I have been interested in hearing since "The Rydell Revelations", so I'm glad that we got that here. :yes:

Whit wanting Morrie and Suzu to have healthy friendships was good, I think. It was nice to see that Morrie realized his mistake with the way he treated Trey.
I didn't find any extremely serious major issues in this episode like in "The Team", but like I said, I need to hear this episode again.

Anyone else have any thoughts?