Congratulations Jessica and Brian!

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Congratulations Jessica and Brian!

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I would like to express congratulations to Jessica (Continental Admiral) and Brian (The Top Crusader) who will be getting married today, March 10, 2007! I would have very much liked to have been there with the both of your on your special day, but, unfortunately, other responsibilities have taken priority this weekend. However, I'm certainly thinking of the two of you as you walk down the aisle this afternoon and I wish only the very best for the both of you.

I've been fortunate enough to get to know the two of over the last several years and I even served with Brian as the Town Hall's first (and, at the time, only) two moderators back in 2002. Brian has always been one of the funniest members on this board and I will fondly remember the many jokes we shared behind closed doors on both the Town Hall and the Town of Odyssey. Even the various jokes regarding Jessica falling in love with Brian (long before they ever even had an inkling!) :) Underneath the comedy is a great guy and I know you'll make a wonderful husband and father. You're in good hands Jessica! :)

And Jessica, you and I had quite a strange relationship. For the better part of the first few months we knew each other, I frequently addressed you as "Sir" to mock your gender bending username and avatar. Bickering pretty much defines our relationship and I've never felt so free to mock someone as I have with you (so thanks :)). In the short couple of months that I served with you on the Town Hall (before your presence forced me to resign and bring the board down with me) I recognized that you had a good head on your shoulders and despite our snarkiness, I hope you realize I've always considered you a good friend. Yeah, you don't listen to Adventures in Odyssey but that doesn't make you any less of a person. (Well, maybe just ever so slightly). Anyway, I'm sure you'll make Brian very happy as well, and I pray that one day you'll have succeeded in ridding the home of both the WWE and Godzilla and instilled in Brian the understanding that potty humor is never, ever funny. O:)

So, to the both of you, along with the Town of Odyssey, I would like to congratulate you on your special day! I would also like to ask that the other members join me in celebration and possibly share some of your memories of our happy couple! If the Adventures in Odyssey internet community didn't exist, Brian and Jessica would have never met and fallen in love. So we all deserve a little time out of our days to celebrate on this special day! :)



PS Thanks Darcie for globalizing this! :) I'm so weak without my abilities. :cry:
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Post by darcie »

I am so excited for the both of you! I feel like I've been counting down the days almost as much as you have. \:D/

I have much less of the history that Corey does, but I can say that I have gotten to know you both a bit in that time. I know that you are both amazing people, and the two of you as a whole will be even better than just the sum of the parts. May you be blessed with a long and happy life together.

I hope you both enjoy your day and stay far, far away from the computer for a few days! Umm... and since I can't find any more words to express how I feel, I am just going to have to say :hug: and I love you both!! Congratulations!!!
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Post by Jonnyboy12 »

WOW!! congrats guys!!! best wishes to you both!!!
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Post by Laurie »

Jonnyboy12 wrote:WOW!! congrats guys!!! best wishes to you both!!!
From me as well!! =D>
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[as my father once mistakenly thought to put on a wedding card]

My condolences to you both!

(but of course, he thought condolences meant congratulations. As do I in this instance!)

I'm so happy for both of you guys! I woke up this morning and thought "Brian and Jessica are getting married!!!!!".
(then I remembered I had curlers in my hair)

I ....agree with everything Corey said! I'll just d.i.t.t.o. that. :)


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Hey, you guys! Congratulations! I'm so happy for both of you. I think it's like the coolest thing ever that you guys met here on the TH/ToO! I get the biggest kick out of telling all of my friends that, even if they can't appreciate how truely awesome that is. :D

Brian, you never fail to take me off guard, although I should be used to the way you do things... I guess that I still have a little bit this image in my mind of you being this awesome and holy admin guy from the TH, because I was just in awe of all of the admins on the TH back when I was a n00b and didn't know any better. ;) Anyway, you never fail to make me laugh, either. Be sure to treat Jessica right. And, don't do anything too off-the-wall in your wedding. O:)

Jessica, although I don't know you as well as Brian, you're still one of the people I'd consider my best friends, because you're here on the TH/ToO. I've always felt that you're one of the mod/admin people from the TH who actually deserved my awe. :D

So, have a most wonderful and blessed wedding day, and I'll be praying for both of you as you start your life together! Congratulations! :hug:
May Zarkouni Live Forever! :goomba:
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Hey congrats to both of you. \:D/
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Post by Sonuna »


... I'm unable to perform a full, sufficiently epic congratulations post, so that will probably suffice for the moment ...
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Post by Aelwyn »

Congratulations to you two! I hope you have a beautiful wedding.

~Aelwyn (still gone, just couldn't restrain myself from leaving my congrats)
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Post by Old Brad »

I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to both of you!

As with Darcie, I have much less of a history than Corey does. With Jessica, pretty much no history except a couple PMs.

As for Brian, I have swapped quite a few PMs, and I enjoyed almost all of them. :D
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Post by Rio »

Congratulations!! Bravo! attaboy& attagirl, way to go! Mazel Tov and many more!

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Post by Oba-rai »

^ to second what Sonuna said, here's to Jack Sparrow! "Weddings? I love weddings! Drinks all around!"

Ok, so maybe not.

I wish you two both luck and love as you are married today, and proper congratulations to Top's acquiring of a very lovely female, and CA's acquiring of a very handsome fellow. I've only spoken to Top over PM's (and then there was that one Skype chat during which I was sufficiently influenced to never listen in on Xiao/EK/Top), but I have had the chance to speak with CA once or twice over IM. The two of you make a perfect(ly intriguing) couple.
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Post by xiao »

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Post by Skid »


(I'd say more, but as it was probably not particularly sane, I'll stop here.)

EDIT: Aw, xiao just said it anyway.
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Post by Zelda Jacobs »

Cogratz CA and Top! :party: I was fun working with you Top on the past election. even though I talked to Hakeber most of th time.
And make sure to tell your pianist (I think that's how you spell piano player) to behave! :x ;) *glares at David O* Tell him to be nice to his sis when he comes home this evening too. ;)
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Post by JesusIsAlive »

Congradulations! \:D/
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Post by Candy »


I have had some PM conversations and they seemed to be some of the nicest people on the toO! (to a point at least) :anxious: Jessica Was VERY nice to let me have ALL of her $10 post day money And Top Paid me $10 for a avy! *raises her cup of punch* To the Bride and groom! They Are CERTAINLY the Cutest couple on the toO! \:D/
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Post by EK »

Wow, it's finally here...I thought it was eons away that they would get married...I wish I could've been there it would be quite awesome to see two of my favorite people become enslaved to each other. :o

Congrats Jessica and Brian!
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I'm so happy for the both of you - may God bless your lives together! :hug:
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Post by Angel »

Congratulations on the wedding!! \:D/ God bless you both!!
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