Football Pool XIV

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Football Pool XIV

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It's time again for the annual football pool!

No one has participated for the last couple years, sadly, but I'm still running it since it's one of our oldest community events. Hopefully at least a few people join in this time. Since we still don't have a forum money system there's no entry fee, so this is a great chance to play along just for fun!

How it works:
The football pool is an event run week by week, each being a separate competition. You don't have to enter each one. Simply post your picks any week you want to play.

Each week you want to join, post which team you think will win each game that week here in this thread. Then guess what the total combined score (TCS) of the two teams in the Monday Night game will be. (Or guess the TCS for whatever the final game being played that week is if there is not a Monday game or there are more than one that week.) PM bookworm your TCS prediction. Then just sit back and watch how the games turn out.

The player who predicts the most correct winning teams wins the week. If there is a tie the winner will be the player who sent in the TCS prediction that was the closest to the actual total combined score of the game. TCS predictions are first come first claim. If someone else already guessed what you send in you will be asked to pick another score. (If you end up going to the tiebreaker and the other person who sent that TCS doesn't I will use your original prediction.) Picks posted after the game has kicked off will most likely not be counted toward your score, so be sure to stay on top of things and get your entry in on time. If you forget to post before the Thursday night game you can still get your picks for the rest of the week in if you post by the weekend.

This game adds some extra fun to the football season, and you don't have to be super into the sport to play you can just make your picks based on what little you know about the teams, or you can even just pick randomly! :)

Week 1:

Bills @ Rams
Saints @ Falcons
Browns @ Panthers
49ers @ Bears
Steelers @ @ Bengals
Eagles @ Lions
Colts @ Texans
Patriots @ Dolphins
Ravens @ Jets
Jaguars @ Commanders
Giants @ Titans
Chiefs @ Cardinals
Raiders @ Chargers
Packers @ Vikings
Buccaneers @ Cowboys
Broncos @ Seahawks
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