002: "The Life of the Party"

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002: "The Life of the Party"

Post by MDB17 »

Here we go with the second one.
Right now i don't have a review cause i haven't listened to it in a while so i will have to listen to it and then tell you what i think.
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Post by Caswin »

MDB17 wrote:Right now i don't have a review cause i haven't listened to it in a while so i will have to listen to it and then tell you what i think.
...I'm waiting...

Ahem. I'm still getting a feel for what the original episodes were like, but I think I enjoyed this more than "Whit's Flop". It reached further in both drama and Odyssey's later-to-be-trademark humor. (Craig has nothing on Tom Riley.)

One question: There's a line I'm having trouble making out shortly after Craig has his wipeout. It sounds like, "Want to come down to the reservoir with us? We're going to play army!" Which technically adds up as a sentence, but why a reservoir...?
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Post by Catspaw »

I think that is the line. Maybe it was just a place in the land of old-school Odyssey where kids could hang out and play outside without people yelling at them for being too loud. ;) I don't know. But I think that is what the kid says.
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Post by Leonard Meltsner »

That's probably true, because in "The Prodigal, Jimmy", Jimmy asks Howie and Mook if they also want to go down to the resevoir and play army.
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Post by The Mysterious »

I really liked the "Knock Knock Joke."
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