665 The Jubilee Singers, Part 2

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665 The Jubilee Singers, Part 2

Post by Irwin »

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Post by American Eagle »

Don't really have anything special to say... just very good. 5/5
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Post by Laurie »

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!!! 5/5
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Post by Marvin D. »

I loved it, all the music made it feel great! :) And then again, the lesson. It's sorta said to see what happened to all of those people.
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Post by jennifertwt »

The music in this episode made me burst into tears, it was so beautiful. This is by far the best episode yet. Can't wait for part 3.
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Post by Sapphire »


I loved it! :D
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Post by OdysseyBlogger »

pretty cool i love the music and the story. i wouldve liked if olivia was actually in the adventure with them. you know, if she used the imagination station.
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Post by Boswell »

jennifertwt wrote:The music in this episode made me burst into tears, it was so beautiful. This is by far the best episode yet. Can't wait for part 3.
John Campbell has definitely pulled out the big guns for this episode. I love that guy.
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