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097 Monty's Christmas

Post by Zelda Jacobs »

Honestly, I had a hard time writing this review, because
I really havn't liked this episode. But I felt this was the one to write.
Sorry, it has taken a couple extra days to write, but I have
been stuck with this cold and 103 fever for 2 weeks now. I still
have it in fact. (yes, unfortunally I had it through Christmas too.)
But I knew it was my week and I thought I better write it. So without farther
a due here is, "Monty's Christmas Review!"


Monty's Christmas: Odyssey Review

It orginally aired Dec. 16th 1989. It was episode 097.
You can click this link to go to Kids Radio to listen to it.

Character Info

Connie Kendall- Katie Leigh
Jana Whittaker-Dowd- D.J. Harner
Jenny Whittaker-Dowd- Tiffany Brissette
John Avery Whittaker- Hal Smith
Monty Whittaker-Dowd- Chad Ressier

At the beginning the writers said that Whit was to
perfect and he needed a weak point. That's when they
brought in his family. Unfortunally, they only appear in 8 episodes.

1. A Member of the family 1-2
2. The Reluctant Rival
3. Monty's Christmas
4. The Mortal Coil 2
5. Silent Night
6. Ice Fishing
7. Scattered Seeds

It disappointing that we didn't get to here more of them.
They lasted appear January 27, 1990 in Scattered Seeds.

The opening is pretty good with Chris. I have always
enjoyed the openings with Chris. They were funny, interesting,
and had good morals to them. It was a nice way to interduce the show.
To bad they don't really have those intros any more.

Here's a little fact about Chris from the Complete Guide of Adventures
in Odyssey. Did you know that Chris Anthoney who plays Chris was
the voice of Barbie.

Whit's family comes to visit for the holidays.
It starts off as a nice time hanging ornaments on the tree, telling old stories, and just having a good time. Then disaster strikes. Monty drops and breaks the special small glass angel. Monty says it's no big deal and runs out, and his mom gets frustrated at Monty. Whit soon concludes that Monty misses his dad. The problem is Monty won't talk to Whit or his mom. Then Connie steps in and gives Monty some wise advice. He then goes makes up with his mother and gives her a small glass angel and they all had a very merry Christmas.
Discussion Questions

Why do you think Monty allowed his dad to get between him and his mom?

Do you know anybody going through a situation like the Whittaker family faced? How can you help them?
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Post by Laurie »

I gave this episode five stars. It is one of my favorite Christmas episodes and has been for a very long time. =D>
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