Fifth Day of AIO Trivia

Team 2 consists of EMBEE, montywhittakerIII, AIOluver, iluvsns, Mark Presscott, and The Kings Son (Regis Blackbeard).
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Fifth Day of AIO Trivia

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Wow, it's the last day already! \:D/ Here are the questions:
#61. Who said: “Yeah, and it’s so ridiculous too. I mean, There are lots of old people at church, look at you.”

#62. Who was Jared DeWhite talking about when he said, “Man, that’s one tough little girl.”

#63. Who said: “I want to make her [Odyssey] a gentler kinder Odyssey. The kind of kinder Odyssey that only my kinder kind of kind guy can bring about. Kinda.”

#64. In the episode “Mandy’s Debut,” What is the name of the amusement park Connie wants to go to?

#65. Who said: “What hit me here? Someone get the number of that truck!”

#66. Who plays Scrub?

#67. Who said: “Don’t worry about it. It’s just nice to know that there are strong handsome young men around to help out ladies in distress.”

#68. Who said: “If God could part the red sea, couldn’t He have done the same thing with red tape?”

#69. Who said: “You otta see this baby, I mean it’s so white you could turn it on it’s side and use it to ski on! More doors then a bus station locker room. And so long you could- it would have to be double jointed just to turn the corner!

#70. Who said: “Oh, now, now, don’t cry. I can’t stand it when a woman cries, all that blubbering and mascara runnin’ down all over the place.”

#71. Who said: “I start with a pencil and a blank piece of paper….- And I end with a pencil and a black piece of paper.”

#72. What color are Katrina’s eyes

#73. Who said: “Oh, something like me, exotic with a touch of mystery . . . Got any vanilla?”

#74. In the episode “Share and Share Alike” name the three characters actress Katie Leigh played. (You may listen to the episode.)

#75. Who said: “Hmm, yes, yes- no, no, well it’s hard to tell with all this, uhh, ice cream.”
And here's a bonus question that counts for 2 points!
#80. Who said: “But then, when tomorrow is today, today’s yesterday will be yesterday’s today, and the windows still won’t be done.”
Have fun with the last day! :D

SnC Forever. Miss you still.
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#80. Who said: “But then, when tomorrow is today, today’s yesterday will be yesterday’s today, and the windows still won’t be done.” Bernard

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Post by EMBEE »

#61 Connie
#62 Mandy?
#63 Bart Rathbone
#64 Mega World
#65 Doris Rathbone
#66 Landon Arnold
#67 Doris Rathbone
#69 Bernard Walton
#70 Mr. Fishbine
#71 Connie
#73 Bernard Walton
#80 Connie
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