Third Day of AIO Trivia

Team 2 consists of EMBEE, montywhittakerIII, AIOluver, iluvsns, Mark Presscott, and The Kings Son (Regis Blackbeard).
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Third Day of AIO Trivia

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And we are on to day three! \:D/
#31. What was the name of Mitch’s girlfriend who died in a car-accident?

#32. In the episode The Case of the Secret Room parts 1&2, what was Tom Riley’s great-niece’s name?

#33. What was Mitch’s job before he came to Odyssey?

#34. How many boyfriends has Connie had?

#35. What is Donna Barclay’s Cat’s name?

#36. How does Wooton Bassett like his banana-split at Whit’s End?

#35. What was Mr. Washington’s job before he started working at Whit’s End?

#36. Who said: “Well, it’s been my experience, that experience for the sake of experience usually isn’t a very good experience at all.”

#37. What is Tom Riley’s second wife’s name?

#38. Who said: “Some men get married in them, some men get berried in them, some men get married and berried in them. Sometimes it seems like on the same day.”
(You can name the episode or the actual person who said it.)

#39. Who said: “Are you kidding?! Of course you do! I mean look at ‘em, there’re dirtier than a kitten in a mud puddle.”

#40. What was the name of Jack Allen’s first wife?

#41. How many times did Connie Kendall go into the Imagination Station?

#42. Who plays the character of Alex Jefferson?

#43. What other character does Janet Waldo play in AIO besides Joanne Allen?

#44.What is Kathy Weiringa's (spelling ?) married name?

#45. Which character on Odyssey wrote this poem?: Clop, clop, clop, the horse won’t stop. And there was a truck, oh no, poor duck! The duck is now flat, I hate that!

SnC Forever. Miss you still.
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Sending in our answers now.
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