Post-Upgrade Information

Welcome back, just in time for 2021!

Come here to voice your comments, concerns, and questions with the mayor and their aides!
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Post-Upgrade Information

Post by Eugene »

Hello, friends!

I'm very excited to welcome you back to the Town of Odyssey Message Boards! \:D/

It's been a little while, but we've tried to keep things feeling more or less like home. Some things have changed, but the main forums and posts have remained intact. So while you may not earn money for your posts anymore, all of our conversations and the main "stuff" that makes up the ToO is still here.

Now... You probably have a bunch of questions about everything. Please refer to our Upgrade Info page to read all of the deets. If you still have questions, then you can respond here. :)

It's also important to know that passwords have been reset during the upgrade. If you can't reset your password or need to change your email address, please email: [email protected]

Oh! And if you find an issue, please post it in the Log of site issues or PM me about it.

Note: This thread is for more serious discussion and questions about the upgrade. For more general conversation, please see snubs' topic: It's time to say WELCOME BACK!
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