How did you discover the ToO?

Come here to voice your comments, concerns, and questions with the mayor and their aides!
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I was a member of the CBH message boards, and one of my best friends, StrongNChrist, was a member of both CBH and the ToO. She encouraged a lot of us to check out the ToO, but I didn't get around to joining until a few years after the CBH message boards closed their doors for good.
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TheDinosaurPlanet wrote: Mon Jul 20, 2020 3:13 pm
Mountain_Girl wrote:I found it through an online friend from CLASS (Christian Liberty Academy Satellite School) whose brother had his own message board at the time. I was into chatting and they said that this place (or at the time, Town Hall) had a great chatroom. So, I came to chat and stayed, even though I had never heard of AIO and still haven't gotten into it. LOL!
Hey, another Class homeschooler!
Yep! Though I have been out of that for years now. LOL! I was a CLASS homeschooler k-12. It was only at the age of 13 that I found out about the message/bulletin board.

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