Three Months

Memories are to treasure and to thank God for.
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Three Months

Post by Bren »

As of this last weekend, it has been 3 months since Lisa passed on. How is everyone doing?
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The Kings Daughter
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Post by The Kings Daughter »

I had myself a good cry last night. :) But...okay.

SnC Forever. Miss you still.
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Post by EMBEE »

I actually cried some last night too... but I'm fine. I just still feel bad for never really getting to know her. I always thought that she was a cool person and everything, and I knew that we had several things in common, but I only talked to her directly a few times...
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She left many of us behind. She left us heartbroken. And though we cry now there'll come a time when we'll laugh. Because we'll see her again someday. We'll be with her in heaven. And when we go to heaven she'll be there to greet us. She'll be there to say "Welcome home." -From a poem that SnC wrote about her grandmother
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Post by SoccerLOTR »

still miss her...probably always will on here. I still occasionally forget that she's not here and think "oh, I hope she replies to this post, she'll have something good to say!" and then remember and have to correct myself :( I still sometimes expect her wit or wisdom in some topics...and really miss her when I realize that it could be a long time before I ever hear it again. There's still a "hole" on the board, despite moving on and functioning without her for 3 months. I also think of her and her boyfriend every time I hear about a serious accident, particularly when I hear it involves a commercial's crazy how the brain doesn't always kick in and change the thoughts to accurately reflect what is going on. Sometimes I'm glad that I think about her because she was such an inspiration, but other times I'm not so glad because it makes me miss her more. :(
It was good knowing you StrongNChrist; you taught me a lot. I'll meet you someday for real in God's presence.

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Post by Musical Shutterbug »

When I don't think about it....everything seems okay. But then I'll read a conversation I once had with her, see some of the fun things we did together online....and I fall apart. I cry bitterly every so often, simply because I cannot help it. I miss her more than I did at first, I believe.

:hug: I miss you Lovely Lisa!
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Post by Graces4you »

I sadly was not around before Lisa died. I started looking at the ToO mid April. I wish I had known her she seemed like a lovely person from what I've read. But I do know how so many of you feel. I lost a friend as well, 8 months ago today she took her life. She was almost a mirror image of Lisa, she loved God with all of her heart. She and Lisa both have a place in my heart forever.

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EMBEE wrote:I just still feel bad for never really getting to know her. I always thought that she was a cool person and everything, and I knew that we had several things in common, but I only talked to her directly a few times...
That's kind of how I was too. :(
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Post by Joanne »

It is still really weird... I never really knew her, but I did see her around a lot. I guess it still boggles my mind that she won't EVER come back. That probably doesn't make any sense though... ;)
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