Hour of Silence For SNC (Lisa)

Memories are to treasure and to thank God for.
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Hour of Silence For SNC (Lisa)

Post by snubs »

Here is most of what went on during the hour of silence yesterday (April 2, 2011). We spent half of the hour praying. So, I split it into two sections for those of you who don't want to read what went on before we prayed.

First, thank you to everyone who showed up. That was very meaningful. Also, if you go to the bottom of the page you will see all the video links we posted during the chat (or at least most of them).

Before the Prayer:
Before the Prayer wrote:<snubs>: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPlvDtpYi_g
Karen waves
<Marvin>: *Internet is so slow that he can't take anymore videos*
Marvin waves back
<SoccerLOTR>: sad
<Marvin>: You get used to it
Marvin blames Mabel for bad Internet
<SoccerLOTR>: yeah
Mabel blames Marvin.
<SoccerLOTR>: lol
<Karen>: lol
<Marvin>: Aww, you're SO nice Mabel.
Marvin thwops Mabel
<SivartM>: Oh dear. Who is to blame?
Mabel thwops Marvin.
<Marvin>: Take that!
<Marvin>: Mabel!
<SoccerLOTR>: i'd say Mabel is just honest
<Marvin>: Ow!
<Marvin>: Always blame the bot :x
<Peachey_Keen>: *PK blames both Mabel and Marvin for tripping him while fighting
Marvin hits Mabel harder
Mabel hits Marvin.
Marvin sobs
<Marvin>: Mabel hit me!
*** Scions_Light joined
<snubs>: You guys, this is supposed to be a memorial thing for SNC.
<Marvin>: *blinks*
<snubs>: So why don't we act a little more respectful.
<Karen>: yeah
<SoccerLOTR>: good point
<Scions_Light>: What's wrong?
<Marvin>: What?
<Marvin>: What's wrong?
<Parker_Family>: Oh Hi Scions Light didn't know you entered
<Karen>: never mind scion
<snubs>: You guys just keep gabbing about random things that don't matter at this point.
<Scions_Light>: Alright then. Hi Parker
<Karen>: Hi scion!
<Peachey_Keen>: it still amazes me that SNC lived only 2 hours away from me
<Scions_Light>: Hi Karen,
<Scions_Light>: She did? Wow
<Marvin>: New Mexico.
<KBT>: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEOTwlLKpqo [Please Be Me Strength]
<Parker_Family>: She lived in the next state over (from where I live)
<Regis>: thanks snubs
*** Stupendoussteve quit (Quit: leaving)
<Scions_Light>: part of me still doesn't want to believe that she's really gone...
<Regis>: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFiDwSnB_uY [Amazing Grace Instrumental With Lyrics]
<Scions_Light>: A part*
<Karen>: same here and I never even talked to her
<SoccerLOTR>: all of me doesn't want to believe it
<Regis>: The last thing she told me was happy belated birthday about 2 weeks ago
*** RIT_Tim joined
*** Parker_Family quit
*** Parker_Family joined

<SoccerLOTR>: hi RIT_Tim and welcome back again PF
<Parker_Family>: HI again
*** Sapphire joined
<Karen>: hello
<Regis>: Sent: Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:01 pm
<Sapphire>: Hello.
<Scions_Light>: Hey Sapphire
<Sapphire>: Hey, Gabe.
<Parker_Family>: HI Sapphire
<Sapphire>: Hello, everyone.
*** jm joined
<Parker_Family>: Most I've ever seen in the chat room
<Parker_Family>: Hi jm
<Karen>: same here
<jm>: Really? that most eh?
<jm>: Hey guys
<jm>: 'sup?
<Sapphire>: Hey, jm.
<Scions_Light>: Hi jm
<SoccerLOTR>: hi jim and sapphire
<Marvin>: Who's jm? o.O
<Karen>: hey jm
<Marvin>: Hey Sapphire!
*** Erin joined
<SoccerLOTR>: hi erin
<Sapphire>: Hey, Marvin.
<jm>: What is the current topic of conversation? is it a lighter matter, or more geared towards mourning?
<Parker_Family>: Hi erin
<Sapphire>: Hi, Erin.
<SivartM>: Hi, erin, jm, and Sapphire
<snubs>: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vkgInKGEwY
<Marvin>: Whoa..
<Marvin>: Hi Erin.
<jm>: @Marv
<Marvin>: *is lost on who's who*
<SoccerLOTR>: umm...really no topic at the moment
<jm>: Seriosuly..
<jm>: "Who's JM"?
<SoccerLOTR>: you, apparently
<jm>: Marvin.. it's me
*** TKD joined
<jm>: Garrett
<jm>: Voice of Aaron Wiley on the ceiling fan?
<SoccerLOTR>: hi TKD
<Scions_Light>: Hi TKD
*** Erin quit
<TKD>: hey guys
<Sapphire>: Hi, TKD.
<Marvin>: Oh.
<Marvin>: You.
<Parker_Family>: Hi TKD
<Regis>: Hello TKD
<jm>: Yeah, the guy from the scoopcast
<TKD>: hi Parker!
<Marvin>: Anne!
<Karen>: hi TKD
<Marvin>: No, you're the guy who has squeaky voices.
<Regis>: glad you were able to make it
<TKD>: Karen! I haven't seen you around for a while
<jm>: No no no
<jm>: That's Ethan
<jm>: He's the one with the whiney 8 year old voice.
<Karen>: same here I have not talked with you in while TKD
<Scions_Light>: It's a bit of a shame here... all these people in the chat room but only after something devastating...
<Parker_Family>: who is from the scoopcast?
<jm>: Hmm?
<Parker_Family>: Yes, it is
<jm>: Oh
<jm>: me
<TKD>: maybe we can take the opportunity for something beneficial? :-
<jm>: My name's Garrett.
<SoccerLOTR>: that sounds good
<jm>: Yeah
<jm>: Like, pray?
<Karen>: I like that idea
<Parker_Family>: Yeah lets start
<Scions_Light>: Who would like to go first?
<Regis>: Sounds good
<Regis>: the family needs it now as much as ever
<Parker_Family>: alphabetical order?
<TKD>: that's a good idea
*** magictoast joined
<SoccerLOTR>: yeah...never prayed over a chat online before...
<Parker_Family>: Hi magictoast
<snubs>: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-mNT0axB9U
<Parker_Family>: I've never either
<Sapphire>: Hi, magictoast.
<SivartM>: Hi, magictoast
<magictoast>: Hello! It's MB by the way .
*** magictoast quit
<Parker_Family>: So should we start prayer yet?
<snubs>: I'm going to post this again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vkgInKGEwY
<TKD>: okay, so someone just start
<TKD>: I can if need be
<Marvin>: Hey MB.
<Parker_Family>: OK TKD can start
<Marvin>: Sure, go ahead
<Marvin>: We can each pick up.
*** magictoast joined
*** Jay joined

<Parker_Family>: hi Jay we are starting to pray
<SoccerLOTR>: for those who just walked in...we're about to pray
<Marvin>: Shh.
<Marvin>: Hi, though.
*** me joined
The Prayer:
The Prayer wrote:<TKD>: Dear Father, right now we lift up Lisa's family. We're all having a hard time, I can't imagine what they're going through... Please just draw all of her family and friends close to you, and thank you for her life...that it touched ours..
<Jay>: Ok
*** me quit
*** radgeek joined

<Marvin>: Hey Rad.
<Marvin>: We're praying.
<Regis>: Wrap your loving arms around them. Let them feel the peace that only you can give
<Regis>: ......
*** Peachey_Keen quit
<Marvin>: Help them to know that even though she's gone, she's with her spiritual Father.
<Parker_Family>: Give all close to her peace ...
<Sapphire>: God, I pray that you give Lisa's family a sense of peace that she is with You. Help them and comfort them through this difficult time.
<Scions_Light>: And we thank you Father that you allowed us to be in her life, however limited that may have been, and we thank you that you are helping SnC's family to have peace in their hearts about her death, and for all of their friends and family....
<snubs>: God, there are so many of us that are still hurting from the loss of Lisa. Help us to remember it won't be forever, but just for a time. Please, give us and Lisa's family comfort.
<SoccerLOTR>: and let her family--and all who knew her--know that we will see her again someday...even though it's not on our timetable, and we'll miss her for a little while, we will see her again
<KBT>: Dear God, thank you for the Town of Odyssey, where we can meet and interact with such amazing people, like Lisa, from all over the world. Bind us together with love!
<KBT>: Be with her family, and her boyfriend's family
<KBT>: ...in this difficult time.
<Marvin>: Let your love comfort them now.
<KBT>: Give them a sense of the peace that passes all understanding
<Parker_Family>: Although Lord we do not always understand your will, we know that you work all things together for those who love us. Please give everyone here peace and let Her life be a blessing to all who knew her.
*** GrEen_RiNg joined
<Scions_Light>: And we thank you Father that it was in Your timing and that it was Your will
<SoccerLOTR>: and also unite her and her boyfriend's family together so that they can help each other through this time as well
<Marvin>: Don't let them be angry with you now, but let them remember there's a reson for this.
<Parker_Family>: Thank you for the short time we had with her and may it always remind us of your great love
<Sapphire>: I pray that any anger or bitterness will disappear, and they will lean on You.
<snubs>: Help her family to realize that her life isn't over, but just begun.
<SoccerLOTR>: and even though we hate the situation, let us be able to rejoice that she will eternally be with you, Lord.
<TKD>: please let all who are mourning also be encouraged at the joy that is now hers..
*** RIT_Tim quit (Quit: The world is quiet here.)
<Scions_Light>: And that even in this hard time good will come from this, that her death will never be in vain
*** RIT_Tim joined
<Marvin>: Let them remember she's gone from all her physical pains and will never have sorrow again.
<magictoast>: Help them to trust You even though they don't understand why this happened
<Parker_Family>: Give us joy in this time of sorrow, give us peace in this time of confusion
<Scions_Light>: And we thank You that even now You are helping those who mourn to find Your peace
*** Scions_Light quit
*** Scions_Light joined

<SoccerLOTR>: and please, despite the pain, let good come from this in one form or another...in your word, it says that You work all things together for the good of those who love You, please do this in this situation
<KBT>: and let her passing affect the way we live our lives
<KBT>: let her legacy last far beyond her life
<Parker_Family>: Help us learn from SnC's Example to love others
<Marvin>: Help us to be stronger in Christ in the days to come.
<magictoast>: Help us to never forget the lessons we have learned from this.
<Karen>: let Lisa's family have strength as they mourn over her death....
<snubs>: Lord, help us all to love one another now, while they are here with us. Help us to show your grace and mercy to the people that are in our lives. Especially toward our family. Give us wisdom to not dabble in unimportant arguments, but to just make peace with our enemies.
<TKD>: bring us close to you through this please lord, and help us see this as a short parting, and when we reunite we'll never part again...
<Scions_Light>: And I pray that You continue to comfort and to protect her family and that her boyfriend, that they will be able to get through this and still keep their eyes on You
*** thegreenringC joined
<thegreenringC>: Woah lots of people on here.
<snubs>: *we are praying*
<thegreenringC>: Wish I could stay but I kinda GTG. Heh heh. Just popping in. Love you all! Bye!
<thegreenringC>: Oh. Sorry.
<thegreenringC>: I didn't know. Sorry to interupt. goodbye
<snubs>: it's okay.
*** thegreenringC quit
<TKD>: it's okay, bye
<SivartM>: Bye tgrc
<Marvin>: Bye.
<Parker_Family>: Lord, turn our mourning to praise, our sadness to joy. Turn this Loss into something great according to your will.
<Jay>: Help us to not exclude others in our lives. Give us the kindness to love everyone as you do,
*** jm quit
<SoccerLOTR>: and help us to love You as you have also loved us, and let that be reflected through us, just as it did through SNC
<SoccerLOTR>: that we could lift others up in times like these
<Marvin>: Help each of us personally, as we struggle with our feelings, to focus on You.
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<SoccerLOTR>: Lord, please take away the emptiness that SNC and her boyfriend's families and friends may have after the funeral and other events today are over...despite being at home and alone with their thoughts, let them still be surrounded by Your love and the knowledge that youu will take care of everything and that things will be alright
<Marvin>: *we're praying, Steve*
<Scions_Light>: And thank you Yahweh, that you have allowed us to be able to be here together in this chat room
<Steve>: I'm thankful for the time we had with SNC...
<Steve>: And the laughs
<snubs>: Though, we don't always understand the meanings of Your will, Father, help us to trust the you are in control and that's all that matters.
<Marvin>: Help us to love one another as you want us to, and to keep growing spiritually.
<TKD>: God I just echo what Parker Family said, please turn our morning to praise. "You give and take away, you give and take away, my heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be your name." and
<Steve>: Help us to mirror the legacy SNC left us with.
<TKD>: "To console those who mourn in Zion, To give them beauty for ashes, The oil of joy for mourning, The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; That they may be called trees of righteousness, The planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified." ~ Isaiah 61:3
<Steve>: Well... legacy is a dumb word
*** GrEen_RiNg quit
<SoccerLOTR>: no it's not
<Jay>: It's a powerful word.
<Scions_Light>: *Ehem?*
<Parker_Family>: Thank you for all the short time with Lisa you have given to us.
<Marvin>: Let us learn from that time.
<Steve>: I only knew her for a few months
<Steve>: But she left an impression on us
<SoccerLOTR>: and thank you for the lessons we learned from her--from her wisdom and love that were incredible because it all came from You.
<magictoast>: Thank You for giving us Lisa's godly example
<Parker_Family>: Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5b
<Marvin>: Let us never forget them, but keep them with us forever.
<Steve>: And I still can't think of a better word than legacy, even though she was more than that...
<SoccerLOTR>: and thank you for this community that we can share these feelings and thoughts with
<Steve>: Amen to that
<Marvin>: ^Amen.
<Marvin>: ^^*
<Parker_Family>: Amen
<Scions_Light>: Amen
<Steve>: I don't think any of us could get through it without being able to do this
<KBT>: amen
<snubs>: In Jesus' name we pray all these things, amen.
<TKD>: Amazing Grace is playing around now, at Lisa's service, I'd just like to post the lyrics.
<SoccerLOTR>: Amen
<SoccerLOTR>: ok
<Parker_Family>: In Jesus' Name, Amen
<magictoast>: Amen
<Steve>: Yeah. Amen
<Jay>: Amen
<TKD>: Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, Was blind, but now I see. T'was Grace that taught my heart to fear. And Grace, my fears relieved. How precious did that Grace appear The hour I first believed.
<Marvin>: Amen.
Here are the videos. And I would just like to dedicate them all in Lisa's name.

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Wow, it's still amazing seeing it all. What can happen with the body of Christ.
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I wish I could've been there.
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Post by snubs »

Marvin D. wrote:Wow, it's still amazing seeing it all. What can happen with the body of Christ.
I know. That's why I just had to post it for everyone.
snubs is not dumb as he really is very smart. — Bmuntz
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