Memories are to treasure and to thank God for.
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So, this is quite possibly the worst piece of poetry I've ever written. :anxious: But, alas, I threw it together. It's a limerick (well, sort of), which are generally very light and humorous but, this one's unique. :)

In memory of Lisa Hammit (StrongNChrist):
She was a thick and fruitful branch upon the vine.
Her faith in Christ was apparent, even just online.
She was truly strong in Christ.
Her death: an angelic heist.
But, now she rests forever in paradise: divine.
Lisa Hammit - 1991-2011 - Forever strong in Christ
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I spent awhile pouring over the phrase "Her death: an angelic heist." That concept intrigues me.

Thanks for writing this, KBT, and nicely done.
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Very nicely done...no idea how that could be considered a bad piece of poetry...very intriguing, thought-provoking, and fitting.
It was good knowing you StrongNChrist; you taught me a lot. I'll meet you someday for real in God's presence.

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