One Word.

Memories are to treasure and to thank God for.
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One Word.

Post by Helovesus »

What is one word you would use to describe Lisa(SnC)?

I would use Wise.. she always had great advice for everyone and was always willing to help.
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Post by Monty »

Strong. SnC was always strong in the faith and was one of the many people I look up to on this board. From my observation, she always set a mature, yet fun-loving example with every post she made.
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Parker Family
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Post by Parker Family »

Caring. She cared for others.
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Post by EMBEE »

Encouraging. She was always giving encouragement to others.
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Scion's Light
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Post by Scion's Light »

Imaginative. She could weave words and pull pictures together in her (RPG) posts, and could discuss just about anything with such a unique perspective.

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Post by The Kings Daughter »

Understanding. She'd never laugh at anything I told her, but always seemed to understand everything.

SnC Forever. Miss you still.
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Isaiah 6
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Post by ric »


I remember one time she and I pretended that we switched usernames in the chat-room to trick people.
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Post by Sapphire »

Truthful. SNC always told you the truth in a loving manner. She was never afraid of telling the truth.
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Marvin D.
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Post by Marvin D. »

Uber-awesome-caring-friendly-[insert many more words]

It's still one word :yes:
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Post by Lee »

Incredible. Really. She was extremely bright, and as SL said, imaginative and creative. She was a valued member of this board and Gower's Field will sadly miss her creativity. :(

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Post by Musical Shutterbug »


It's the only thing that describes her completely.
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Post by DanP740 »

Unique. My conversations in the chat with her this past month were ones I've never had before and probably won't for a while.
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Post by Over the Rainbow »

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Post by American Eagle »

Passionate. She was totally passionate in her writing, her friendships and her desire to serve God.
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Post by mdetective12 »

Amazing :), I was surfing posts and topics and I found this: ... 16#p892516 :(

I think she knows what it means to have someone died.
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