March Madness Live Chats

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March Madness Live Chats

Post by bookworm »

I set up a channel in the Chatroom for live chatting the NCAA Tournament! \:D/
Join #Madness if you're able to be online while you watch, especially if you are rooting for either team!

For now go ahead and just drop by when a game is on and see if anyone else is there, we'll get more organized when it gets further into the tournament. I'm hoping we get some of the people who do brackets in there, it would be fun to have real time reaction to how things go down.

I should be in there for Selection Sunday to kick things off, so come by if you're watching that, then like I said if you have one of the games on stop in and see if anyone else is there. :)

Schedule of games, times, and channels
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Post by Kaida »

I was going to ignore my bracket... But then something happened.... It was fun. =p

Thanks, bookworm, for pushing me to make one and for having the chat thing too. I'm glad to be a part of this fun. =)

Oh and you can post now.
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Post by bookworm »

I am very happy that people are coming by, and seem to be enjoying it as much as I am! It is so fun to share live reactions as games go final and analyze the implications on all of our brackets! If you haven't come by yet please do! :)

Round of 64:
Day 1:
#aio wrote:09:52 <bookworm>: Let the #Madness begin!
09:53 <Black_Ghost>: Book!!
09:53 <Black_Ghost>: I filled out a bracket!!
09:53 <Kaida>: How many brackets are there now?
09:54 <bookworm>: Yay!
09:54 <bookworm>: Thanks BG!
09:54 <bookworm>: I'll check
09:55 <bookworm>: WOW!
09:55 <Black_Ghost>: You got it
09:55 <bookworm>: 21!
09:55 <Black_Ghost>: Sweet!!
09:55 <bookworm>: AWESOME
09:55 <Kaida>: Whoa.
09:57 <bookworm>: Duke is playing now
09:57 <bookworm>: #Madness
09:58 <Black_Ghost>: I have them in the elite 8 I believe
10:01 <bookworm>: I have them winning here, then falling out I believe. Probably a mistake, but I felt it was a better matchup for who I had them facing. Even though I know nothing about this at all.
#Madness wrote:March Madness discussion and game chats for the Round of 64!
Topic set by bookworm
09:52 bookworm joined #Madness
09:57 Woody joined #Madness
09:57 <Woody>: I forget who I picked
09:58 Kaida joined #Madness
09:58 <bookworm>: I picked Duke here
09:58 <Kaida>: Did it just start?
09:58 <bookworm>: A little while ago
09:58 <bookworm>: First half is almost over
09:59 <Kaida>: How's it going?
09:59 <Woody>: Who are they playing?
10:01 <bookworm>: North Carolina Wilmington
10:02 <Woody>: I think I chose Duke
10:02 <Woody>: They're a first seed, right?
10:02 <Kaida>: Just checked, that's what I chose. =p
10:02 <bookworm>: I'm sure you did in this one
10:02 Black_Ghost joined #Madness
10:02 <Black_Ghost>: Hey, sup!
10:03 <bookworm>: Actually no, they're a #3 this year
10:03 <bookworm>: But still way above the other team
10:03 <bookworm>: #4 actually
10:03 <bookworm>: But NCW is 13 so
10:03 <Woody>: Yeah, I almost definitely chose them
10:04 <Woody>: What do you think of my champ, bookworm?
10:04 <Woody>: I chose them for Marco Rubio
10:04 <bookworm>: I don't know who you have
10:05 <bookworm>: I'm assuming someone from Florida
10:05 <Woody>: Miami
10:05 <bookworm>: Ah
10:05 <Woody>: I see you have Oregon
10:05 <Black_Ghost>: I think I have Kansas knocking them out
10:06 <bookworm>: Yes I do, the only thing I know about college basketball this season is the Ducks finished apparently red hot, so I figured they'd keep it rolling here
10:06 <bookworm>: Best semi educated guess I had
10:06 <bookworm>: I know a ton of people like Kansas, but I haven't heard firsthand how good they really are
10:06 <bookworm>: I used to always put the Gators all the way, but they haven't even been in the last two years
10:07 <bookworm>: Halftime, Duke down 3
10:07 <Woody>: Woah, they're down?
10:12 <bookworm>: Let's see
10:12 <bookworm>: Countess has Oregon as well
10:12 <bookworm>: A lot have Kansas
10:13 <bookworm>: A couple Oklahomas
10:13 <Woody>: Miami is mine alone
10:13 <bookworm>: And then poor Limerick
10:13 <bookworm>: :p
10:16 <Woody>: That was a bold move
10:19 <bookworm>: Not really, he said he didn't have a choice
10:20 <bookworm>: He was picking with his heart, knowingly
10:23 <Kaida>: Texas Tech and Butler are also playing?
10:23 <Woody>: I chose Butler because they have a cool name
10:24 <bookworm>: Yes
10:24 <bookworm>: I don't get that one
10:24 <bookworm>: Butler Bulldogs
10:25 <bookworm>: It is pretty great
10:25 Woody didn't know the bulldogs part
10:25 <Woody>: I just like butlers
10:26 <bookworm>: Lol
10:30 Jehoshaphat joined #Madness
10:31 <bookworm>: UConn just started
10:31 <bookworm>: Hi Jehoshaphat!
10:31 <Jehoshaphat>: Hello bookworm
10:35 Jehoshaphat quit
10:51 Black_Ghost quit
10:58 <bookworm>: Foul out
11:00 <Woody>: Who leads?
11:01 <bookworm>: Ooh hard collision
11:01 <bookworm>: Duke is up 10 right now
11:02 <Woody>: Yeeeessss
11:02 Woody wonders how well the President's bracket will do
11:03 <bookworm>: He put Kansas?
11:03 <Woody>: Lotsa people like Kansas, eh?
11:03 <bookworm>: Apparently
11:03 <Woody>: I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore though
11:16 <bookworm>: Foul out
11:26 <bookworm>: Foul out
11:35 <bookworm>: Duke wins
11:39 <Kaida>: Butler won.
11:39 <bookworm>: Yay
11:43 <bookworm>: Does anyone else have it on?
11:43 <bookworm>: I want to know if my feed only is messing up or if it's the actual broadcast
11:43 <bookworm>: It keeps getting really blurry
11:43 <bookworm>: It's weird
11:44 <Kaida>: I don't. Sorry.
11:45 <bookworm>: Yale and Baylor next. Cool
11:46 <Woody>: Butler won? =D
11:46 <Woody>: Yay for butlers!
11:46 <Woody>: Carson must be so proud
12:15 <bookworm>: UConn pulling away all of a sudden
12:15 <bookworm>: They were down big all game
12:41 <bookworm>: UConn only up 3 now 30 seconds left
12:47 Kaida quit
12:48 <bookworm>: They got it
12:56 <bookworm>: Halftime, Baylor down 5
12:56 <bookworm>: Also Virginia up big
13:13 <bookworm>: Iowa State wins
13:18 <Woody>: I was wrong on UConn
13:18 <Woody>: First wrong prediction
13:19 <bookworm>: I'm 4 of 4 so far
13:21 <Woody>: Wow
13:21 <Woody>: Well done
13:21 Limerick joined #Madness
13:21 Limerick's bracket is 100% so far :)
13:21 <bookworm>: Mine too
13:21 Woody's is 75%
13:21 <bookworm>: Wait until next round Limerick ;)
13:22 <Limerick>: haha
13:25 <Limerick>: I will likely have issues with 9:20 tonight :p
13:25 <Limerick>: (I chose Wichita St over Arizona)
13:27 <Limerick>: It is my only significant upset in the first round
13:27 <Woody>: You'll probably be even with me by the end of the day, Limey
13:28 <bookworm>: But your champion isn't going out in the second round :p
13:28 <Woody>: XD
13:28 <Limerick>: Wichita should really be a 6 seed though :p
13:29 <bookworm>: Oh wait...
13:29 <bookworm>: Yours might too actually
13:29 <bookworm>: I forgot who you had
13:29 <Woody>: Miami?
13:29 <Woody>: I think they'll make it
13:30 <Woody>: Who are they going against in the second round?
13:30 <bookworm>: Yeah, they'll probably win in the second
13:30 <bookworm>: I don't think they can get to the end though
13:30 <bookworm>: They'd have to beat Kansas probably
13:30 <bookworm>: Same problem Limerick has
13:30 <Limerick>: Haha, ESPN actually named UConn the dark horse to win the tourney
13:32 <Woody>: They can do it. After all, Rubio beat... Oh wait, no.
13:32 <bookworm>: Miami would face Wichita State or Arizona next
13:32 <bookworm>: So that game will be big for you and Limerick
13:33 <Woody>: Both fairly easy wins
13:33 <bookworm>: Yes
13:33 <bookworm>: But the next one is the problem
13:33 <Limerick>: Kansas vs UConn will make or break me most likely :p
13:34 <bookworm>: Indeed
13:34 <Limerick>: If UConn beats Kansas, I may actually be in really good shape
13:34 <Limerick>: But if they don't, I will definitely be in horrible shape xD
13:35 <Limerick>: UConn over Maryland is not much of a stretch
13:35 <Limerick>: UConn over Nova is a bit of one again though
13:36 <Limerick>: What's the pool on how long we have someone with a perfect bracket? :p
13:41 <Limerick>: .win 68
13:43 <Woody>: Poor snubs and Tim
13:43 <Woody>: They're already toast
13:43 <bookworm>: Yale threatening to be the first upset of the tournament.
13:44 <Woody>: Grrrr
13:44 <Woody>: I have Baylor
13:44 <bookworm>: Wouldn't be good for me. I have Baylor over Duke next round.
13:44 <bookworm>: Wouldn't be terrible, if they win this they could also beat Duke
13:44 <Woody>: Same
13:44 <bookworm>: I wouldn't get the point though
13:44 <Limerick>: haha, somehow I bet Tim doesn't mind
13:45 <Limerick>: He chose two number 1 seeds to lose to 16 seeds
13:45 <Woody>: XD
13:45 <Limerick>: Soooooo, that bracket was pretty much toast to begin with
13:46 <Limerick>: Kansas has started beating up on their 16 seed
13:46 <Jehoshaphat>: I am doing really badly, good thing I don't really care
13:46 <Limerick>: I would not have been sad to see them lose the first game in NCAA history as a 1 seed vs 16 seed
13:46 <Limerick>: But doesn't look like that will happen
14:06 <bookworm>: Come on Baylor. Trying to get back in there
14:07 <bookworm>: Virginia wins huge
14:11 <Woody>: Who were they playing?
14:12 <bookworm>: Hampton
14:12 <bookworm>: Never in question
14:12 <bookworm>: But even so, a huge margin
14:13 <bookworm>: 1:58 left here
14:13 <bookworm>: Not looking good
14:13 <Woody>: Joint 7th now
14:15 <bookworm>: Kansas up 20 at the half
14:15 <Limerick>: If Yale beats Baylor that will bust a lot of 100% brackets
14:15 <bookworm>: Not mine
14:15 <Woody>: Baylor has a chance
14:15 <bookworm>: Unless they go on way farther
14:15 <Woody>: But wow, my bracket will die if they lose
14:16 <Limerick>: No, I mean, it will stop it from being 100%
14:16 <bookworm>: Ah yes
14:16 <Woody>: I only have them going to round of 32, but still
14:16 <bookworm>: But I only have them going one more in
14:16 <Limerick>: Woody has Baylor as the National Champions
14:16 Limerick hides
14:16 <bookworm>: No he doesn't
14:16 <Limerick>: Yeah, me too
14:17 Woody has Miami
14:17 <Woody>: Which better turn out right
14:17 <Limerick>: Only 20% of brackets have Baylor losing
14:17 <bookworm>: Four point game now
14:17 <bookworm>: They could do it
14:17 <bookworm>: Either of you have it on?
14:18 <Woody>: Nope
14:19 <bookworm>: 1:21 left
14:19 <bookworm>: What a play!
14:19 <bookworm>: Two point game!
14:19 <bookworm>: Amazing save from going out of bounds
14:20 <Limerick>: Baylor losing would be the first upset of the tournament
14:20 <bookworm>: Yes
14:23 <Limerick>: They are in trouble
14:23 <Woody>: Soooooo close
14:23 <bookworm>: 28 seconds, 2 point game
14:24 <bookworm>: They've had two chances but the refs stopped them
14:24 <Limerick>: Stream must be behind
14:24 <Limerick>: Just got to 28 seconds here
14:24 <bookworm>: Oh I'll slow my reactions then
14:24 <Woody>: Grrrrrrrrrrr, Yale scored
14:25 <Limerick>: haha, I don't mind the updates ahead of time :p
14:25 <Limerick>: Still 28 here
14:26 <bookworm>: Yeah this isn't looking good
14:26 <bookworm>: Woah
14:26 <bookworm>: Nvm
14:26 <Woody>: What happened?
14:26 <bookworm>: That was huge
14:27 <Limerick>: 3 down
14:27 <Limerick>: 1 pt game
14:27 <bookworm>: Three point shot
14:27 <Woody>: O.O
14:27 <Limerick>: I thought he traveled for a second
14:27 <bookworm>: 9 seconds
14:27 <bookworm>: But Yale possession
14:27 <Limerick>: I always wonder
14:28 <Limerick>: What happens if you hammer someone who doesn't have the ball?
14:28 <Limerick>: Does the person with possession shoot the free throws?
14:28 Kaida joined #Madness
14:28 <Limerick>: I mean, they can't not call the foul because it is away from the ball
14:28 <Kaida>: How's it going, y'all?
14:28 <bookworm>: I don't know in college
14:29 <bookworm>: The NBA has some rule on that
14:29 <bookworm>: It has to be the ball handler under two minutes or something
14:29 <Limerick>: But what do they do? A clock runoff?
14:29 <bookworm>: If you hit someone else of course it's still a foul but there's some kind of deterrent
14:30 <bookworm>: Maybe the ball handler shoots
14:30 <Limerick>: Yo Kaids!
14:30 <bookworm>: I really don't know, I just know there's something
14:30 <bookworm>: Because otherwise teams could abuse
14:31 <bookworm>: Ouch
14:31 <bookworm>: That should do it
14:32 <Limerick>: Yeah, pretty much over
14:32 <Kaida>: Hey, Limerick. =)
14:32 <bookworm>: Wow
14:32 <bookworm>: "March magic"
14:33 <Kaida>: Is there a game going on right now?
14:33 <bookworm>: There are two games on right now
14:33 <bookworm>: A third just ended
14:33 <bookworm>: With a big upset
14:33 <Limerick>: Yale 1st win in NCAA history
14:33 <Limerick>: NCAA Tournament, that is
14:34 <Woody>: Well, sad day for us and the President
14:34 <Limerick>: Both Connecticut teams are still alive :)
14:34 <bookworm>: Well they can definitely go best Duke in Baylor's stead I think
14:34 <bookworm>: I won't get the point though
14:34 <bookworm>: Which is odd
14:35 <Limerick>: Only 3 100% left
14:35 <bookworm>: You should get some kind of something for predicting losses as well as wins
14:35 Woody have actually predicted a Duke win
14:36 <Woody>: I go solely by seeds and names
14:36 <Kaida>: How many more games to go today?
14:36 <bookworm>: I would have Duke losing right either way, just not the reason :shrugs:
14:37 <bookworm>: A ton more
14:39 <Limerick>: 8 more today
14:39 <Limerick>: Not including the 2 going right now
14:39 <Kaida>: Gotcha. Thanks.
14:40 <bookworm>: Back in a bit
14:41 <Kaida>: Did JCGJ make a bracket?
14:42 bookworm quit
15:02 JCGJ joined #Madness
15:02 <JCGJ>: 'Owdy
15:05 <JCGJ>: So what happens in this madness room?
15:09 <Kaida>: Keeping track of the games.
15:10 <JCGJ>: Games...
15:10 <JCGJ>: What games?
15:10 <JCGJ>: I is lost...
15:10 <JCGJ>: Booky inviteded me...
15:11 <Kaida>: ... pID=321395 did you make one?
15:12 <JCGJ>: Ahh
15:12 <JCGJ>: Ok.
15:12 <JCGJ>: I don't watch sports of my own free will
15:13 <Kaida>: I'm not watching either. I'm just here because I made a bracket and I'm curious. =p
15:13 <JCGJ>: Heh. I did no such thing, so I does not understands why Booky book invited me...
15:15 <Kaida>: I guess he thought you'd watch.
16:04 bookworm joined #Madness
16:07 <bookworm>: Baylor remains my only loss so far
16:08 <JCGJ>: I am not keeping up with any of this
16:08 <bookworm>: Did you do a bracket?
16:08 <JCGJ>: I do not watch sports by choice.
16:08 <JCGJ>: No.
16:09 <bookworm>: :(
16:10 <bookworm>: Yikes
16:10 <bookworm>: Tie game
16:10 <bookworm>: 11 seconds left in first overtime
16:11 <bookworm>: Going to a second
16:11 <bookworm>: Wow
16:19 <bookworm>: Alright let's see what the last one I get today is.
16:19 <bookworm>: Chattanooga/Indiana
16:23 Jehoshaphat joined #Madness
16:26 JCGJ quit
16:28 <bookworm>: Purdue loses in 2OT
16:28 <bookworm>: Darn
16:29 <Jehoshaphat>: Darn
16:30 <Jehoshaphat>: And my bracket is like 50% gone now
16:30 <bookworm>: Heh
16:30 <Kaida>: What? Bleh
16:31 <Limerick>: No more perfect brackets in the group
16:31 <Jehoshaphat>: Nope, JCGJ now has missed one
16:31 <Jehoshaphat>: Sad day
16:31 <bookworm>: Lol
16:32 <Jehoshaphat>: 50% could be worse
16:32 <Limerick>: Purdue hurt me too
16:32 <Jehoshaphat>: That puts me back a little bit more htan I thought
16:32 <Limerick>: I had them through to the Elite 8
16:33 <bookworm>: Ouch
16:33 <Jehoshaphat>: I had them in the Sweet 16
16:34 <bookworm>: I didn't have them going any further
16:34 <bookworm>: So not a big deal
16:34 <Jehoshaphat>: Well, that's not too bad then
16:35 <Limerick>: My bracket is in the 89%
16:35 <Limerick>: But I am ranked 1.4M
16:35 <Limerick>: There must be a LOT of brackets xD
16:35 <Limerick>: Like 15M of them
16:35 <Jehoshaphat>: 90% of my picks I just chose the one on the top
16:36 <Limerick>: Ah well, when UConn proves bookworm wrong and wins, I'll be good *hides*
16:47 Jehoshaphat left #Madness
17:01 <Woody>: Nuuuuuu Purdue lost
17:02 <Woody>: My bracket is now at 49.9 percent =P
17:04 <Woody>: What's PPR?
17:09 <bookworm>: Don't know
17:14 <bookworm>: Halftime, Indiana up
17:14 Woody quit
17:30 <Limerick>: Possible Points Remaining
17:31 <Limerick>: Not that Woody is here
17:31 <Limerick>: UNC up only 1 at the half
17:57 <bookworm>: They're pulling away some now
17:59 <Kaida>: What?
17:59 <bookworm>: UNC
18:07 <bookworm>: Miami wins
#aio wrote:18:17 <Jayaar>: Anyone make a bracket for March Madness?
18:17 <RagTag>: a what for what?
18:17 <Dan_in_Trank_Mobile>: Bookworm was trying to get everyone to
18:17 <Limerick>: Purdue broke your bracket too
18:17 <RagTag>: I am so lost
18:17 <Caitie>: What is a bracket?
18:17 <Caitie>: What is March Madness?
18:17 <RagTag>: purdue? Like the owl that helps with APA
18:18 <Caitie>: I'm lost too
18:18 <Jayaar>: Huh? Who broke a bracket?
18:18 <Caitie>: Purdue Owl! :D
18:18 <Limerick>: March is the month before April
18:18 <Skid>: A thing that holds a shelf up.
18:18 RagTag is lost with caitie
18:18 <Limerick>: Madness is the opposite of peace
18:18 <bookworm>: 20 people did one! Other than me
18:18 <Caitie>: Rag and I would make a very good/bad pair. We get lost easy :P
18:18 <Limerick>: So the opposite of April Peace
18:18 <Dan_in_Trank_Mobile>: College basketball playoffs are called March madness
18:18 <Jayaar>: Awww, shoot
18:18 <RagTag>: oh thanks dan
18:18 <Dan_in_Trank_Mobile>: And people try to guess who will win
18:18 <Jayaar>: I didn't notice that Purdue lost
18:18 <RagTag>: finally a real explanation
18:18 <Caitie>: Oh well that's stupid
18:18 <Dan_in_Trank_Mobile>: By filling out a bracket of teams
18:18 <Limerick>: Yeah, lost in double OT
18:18 <Caitie>: OHHH that kind of bracket
18:19 <Jayaar>: I had a perfect bracket!
18:19 <Jayaar>: Dangit
18:19 <Caitie>: I was thinking these things... {}{}}}}}}}}}}{{{{{{{{{{{[[
18:19 <RagTag>: what is a non book shelf bracket
18:19 <RagTag>: also you guys get way more excited about college sports then we do
18:19 <Jayaar>: At least Indiana is schooling Chattanooga
18:19 <Jayaar>: Indiana is my team. ^_^
18:19 <RagTag>: here it is just a way to keep people from doing drugs
18:20 <Dan_in_Trank_Mobile>: o_0
18:20 <Caitie>: College sports
18:20 <Caitie>: Oh
18:20 <Caitie>: Football
18:20 <RagTag>: no basketball
18:20 <Caitie>: WHAT
18:20 <Caitie>: dang it
18:21 <Caitie>: I thought I wasn't confused
18:21 <RagTag>: oh brackets are like playoffs
18:21 <bookworm>: It's a tournament
18:21 <Caitie>: Oh, Dan did say basketball
18:21 <RagTag>: is this the college basketball version of the stanley cup?
18:21 <RagTag>: I'm not a canadian at all
18:21 <Dan_in_Trank_Mobile>: If by that you mean playoffs
18:21 <Dan_in_Trank_Mobile>: Tournament
18:22 <bookworm>: The Stanley Cup matchups are series though
18:22 <bookworm>: This is just one game each
18:22 <bookworm>: Lose and you're done
18:22 <RagTag>: oh
18:22 <RagTag>: gotcha
18:22 <Dan_in_Trank_Mobile>: Because you actually score in basketball
18:23 <RagTag>: huh?
18:23 <Dan_in_Trank_Mobile>: Unlike hockey
18:23 RagTag doesn't get sports :P
18:23 <RagTag>: what about goals?
18:23 <RagTag>: is that not scoring
18:23 <Dan_in_Trank_Mobile>: It is
18:24 <Dan_in_Trank_Mobile>: Average hockey final score: 1-1
18:24 <Caitie>: :P
18:24 <Dan_in_Trank_Mobile>: Basketball: 90-80
18:24 <Caitie>: I like professional sports though
18:24 <RagTag>: oh wow!
18:24 <Caitie>: I get broed with college. Idk why
18:24 <Limerick>: Unless Indiana suddenly loses, my bracket is hurt :p
18:24 <RagTag>: thanks Dan
18:42 <Black_Ghost>: Grrr
18:42 <Black_Ghost>: Thanks purdue
18:43 <Black_Ghost>: I was counting on you
18:43 <RagTag>: did you lose your bracket
18:43 <Black_Ghost>: No, I'm at 92%
18:44 <Limerick>: Purdue got blown out in double ot
18:45 <bookworm>: It wasn't a blowout
18:46 <Black_Ghost>: No kidding
18:46 <Black_Ghost>: I had them going to the sweet sixteen however :(
18:47 <bookworm>: Ouch
18:47 <bookworm>: I didn't have them going any further
18:47 <Black_Ghost>: Yeahhh
18:47 <bookworm>: So not too bad
#Madness wrote:18:30 Jayaar joined #Madness
18:30 <Jayaar>: Heyo!
18:30 <bookworm>: Welcome!
18:31 <Jayaar>: Thanks!
18:31 <bookworm>: Indiana wins
18:31 <Jayaar>: Some upset earlier, huh?
18:31 <Jayaar>: I was hoping Purdue would win
18:31 <bookworm>: Indeed
18:31 <Jayaar>: Yale did great
18:31 <bookworm>: Oh I thought you meant Yale
18:32 <Jayaar>: Both of them were 12-seed upsets
18:32 <bookworm>: Yes
18:35 <bookworm>: North Carolina wins
18:39 <Jayaar>: That was an easy call :P
18:47 Black_Ghost joined #Madness
18:47 <Black_Ghost>: Ello
18:53 <bookworm>: Oh I get one more tonight
18:53 <bookworm>: Kentucky, cool
18:59 Jayaar quit
19:06 <bookworm>: The commentators mikes are off
19:06 <bookworm>: Lol
19:06 <bookworm>: Can't hear them at all over the crowd
19:11 <Black_Ghost>: Haha, nice!
19:11 <Black_Ghost>: Not watching the game, what's going on
19:12 <bookworm>: Pretty even so far
19:12 <Black_Ghost>: Mmkay
19:12 <Black_Ghost>: Keep me posted
19:12 <bookworm>: Man what if Stony Brook pulls this off
19:13 <bookworm>: Oh the mikes are back btw
19:13 <bookworm>: :p
19:13 <Black_Ghost>: Mmkay :)
19:14 <Black_Ghost>: I'd love the chance for the badgers to knock them off, lol
19:14 <Black_Ghost>: I have the badgers in the elite 8
19:14 <Black_Ghost>: Such a homer
19:15 <bookworm>: I do too actually
19:15 <bookworm>: Then losing to NC
19:15 <Black_Ghost>: Nice!
19:15 <Black_Ghost>: I have Kentucky in the final four
19:16 <bookworm>: I have them two more rounds in
19:16 <bookworm>: So I guess E8 also?
19:16 <bookworm>: Not sure what that is
19:17 <Black_Ghost>: Yes
19:17 <Black_Ghost>: I have green bay in the sweet sixteen, hehehe
19:17 <bookworm>: Oh nope, that's just the Sweet 16
19:21 <bookworm>: Utah wins
19:25 <Black_Ghost>: Blehh
19:26 Countess joined #Madness
19:27 <bookworm>: Hi
19:27 <bookworm>: How is yours doing
19:28 <bookworm>: Yours
19:28 <bookworm>: Combine lines
19:32 <Countess>: I have no idea
19:33 bookworm checks
19:33 <bookworm>: You're tied for 11th
19:33 <Countess>: Okay. I have literally no idea how this thing works :P
19:34 <bookworm>: You get points for each pick you did right
19:34 <bookworm>: So the more right the better you do
19:36 <Black_Ghost>: What placment am I anyways?
19:37 <bookworm>: Tied for 6th
19:37 <bookworm>: ... pID=321395
19:39 <bookworm>: Wichita State up 12 at the half Limerick
19:42 Countess looks at President Obama's bracket
20:01 <Black_Ghost>: I did that too, haha
20:01 <bookworm>: I haven't yet
20:01 <bookworm>: I heard he picked Kansas but don't know anything else
20:11 Countess quit
20:13 AndChat|189569 joined #Madness
20:14 Black_Ghost quit
20:19 <bookworm>: Wichita is going to win Limerick..
20:29 <bookworm>: LIMERICK
20:31 <AndChat|189569>: Garrghh
20:31 <bookworm>: Wouldn't be terrible for me, I didn't have Arizona going any further
20:37 <bookworm>: That is a scary logo O.o
20:38 <bookworm>: Stony Brook Seawolves
20:44 <bookworm>: Li Mer Iiiiick
20:45 <bookworm>: Oh I think he said he was going to bed
20:45 <bookworm>: Humph, he'll miss his big moment
20:58 <bookworm>: Wichita State wins
20:59 <bookworm>: Providence/USC going down to the wire!
21:01 <bookworm>: Kentucky wins
21:01 <bookworm>: Providence wins
21:01 <bookworm>: Wow
21:02 <bookworm>: At the literal last second
21:02 <Kaida>: Wow
21:02 <bookworm>: I guess one game left
21:02 <bookworm>: At halftime right now
21:02 <bookworm>: That's crazy, it's going to be so late!
21:03 <bookworm>: Why would they schedule it like that
21:07 <Kaida>: Because it's still not that late in California? Actually. My brain cant figure out what time it is over there at the moment
21:07 <Kaida>: Also.. I have found that I don't have much luck when I pick things randomly. Hah.
21:09 <bookworm>: 9:00 on the west coast, so not terrible, but people are watching on the east coast
21:09 <Kaida>: They don't matter as much. ;)
21:10 <bookworm>: That's it for me
21:10 <bookworm>: Thanks for hanging out and reacting! :)
21:10 <Kaida>: No probs.
21:11 <bookworm>: I'll be in for what I watch tomorrow, but don't know when it will be
21:11 <bookworm>: Not all day again
21:11 <Kaida>: Gotcha. Well it'll still be fun.
21:11 <Kaida>: Even if for a little while. =)
21:12 <bookworm>: Yes
21:12 <Kaida>: Sleep well.
21:12 bookworm quit
Day 2:
#Madness wrote:March Madness discussion and game chats for the Round of 64!
Topic set by bookworm
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11:20 Kaida joined #Madness
11:20 <Kaida>: sup
11:20 <bookworm>: Welcome to day two!
11:20 <bookworm>: Lol
11:20 <bookworm>: I'm not really watching right now, just keeping an eye on scores
11:21 <Kaida>: I'm watching something else
11:21 <bookworm>: Ah this game just went to halftime, I can see what's been happening
11:23 <Kaida>: what games are going on?
11:23 <bookworm>: Gonzaga won that late one last night
11:23 <bookworm>: Darn it
11:24 <bookworm>: I thought Seton Hall would keep the momentum from their surprising conference tournament win
11:24 <bookworm>: Only reason I picked them, otherwise I definitely would have gone Gonzaga
11:25 <bookworm>: Since they did so well last year
11:25 <bookworm>: Looks like only one has gone final today
11:25 <bookworm>: Syracuse won
11:26 bookworm checks his bracket
11:26 Jeremiah joined #Madness
11:26 <bookworm>: Good I did go with them
11:26 <bookworm>: Arizona lost Woody
11:27 <bookworm>: So Miami gets Wichita State
11:27 <bookworm>: Which should be the easier opponent, but now you never know since they managed to get that win
11:28 Jeremiah saw
11:28 <bookworm>: Limerick?
11:28 <Jeremiah>: I desperately hope UConn beats Kansas for my sake, Limey
11:29 <bookworm>: How did I fall from 3rd to 7th overnight?
11:29 <bookworm>: Only two games ended since then
11:30 <bookworm>: I split them 1-1
11:30 <Jeremiah>: Joint 7th with me
11:30 <bookworm>: Ooh, Court's champ is out
11:30 <Jeremiah>: The gaps are small at this point
11:31 <Jeremiah>: Not much to make up
11:55 <bookworm>: Villanova won by 30
12:20 Kaida pokes Jeremiah.
12:20 <Kaida>: Are you watching any of the games?
12:21 <Kaida>: Or just keeping track of the score?
12:21 <Jeremiah>: Just scores
12:37 <bookworm>: VCU wins
12:39 <Kaida>: of course. =p
12:39 <bookworm>: Of course?
12:40 <bookworm>: They were lower ranked, and it seemed to be a very close game until the end
12:41 <Kaida>: I mean, they would win with my luck, heh.
12:41 <bookworm>: Oh that kind of of course
12:43 <Kaida>: That's why there was a tongue stickin out right next to it.
12:47 <bookworm>: But from last night:
12:47 <bookworm>: <bookworm>: North Carolina wins <Jayaar>: That was an easy call :P
12:47 <bookworm>: So I wasnt sure
12:47 <bookworm>: That one was nonsarcastic
12:49 <Kaida>: I either use caps (when I'm more comfortable with someone) or a tongue sticking out when I'm sarcastic. But that's me.
13:17 <bookworm>: Hawaii wins
13:17 <bookworm>: Gosh
13:17 <bookworm>: Today is already terrible for mine
13:24 <Jeremiah>: Hawaii won? O_O
13:25 <Jeremiah>: Gah, I had California going to Sweet Sixteen
13:29 <bookworm>: Same
13:29 <Jeremiah>: Welcome to the losers club
13:30 <bookworm>: None of the others have been too bad yet, I didn't have them going any further
13:31 <bookworm>: Until Michigan State loses this one...
13:31 <Jeremiah>: Wow, notice the 4 of the top 5 are Kansas
13:31 <bookworm>: Coincidence at this point
13:32 <bookworm>: Their pick for champions wouldn't affect the first round
13:32 <bookworm>: Directly
13:50 <bookworm>: Game stopped to rethread the net
13:50 <bookworm>: With 29 second left
13:50 <bookworm>: Tension
13:52 <Kaida>: Which game?
13:52 <bookworm>: Middle Tennessee and Michigan State
13:52 <bookworm>: Another upset about to finalize
13:54 <bookworm>: Spartans lose
13:54 <bookworm>: That wrecks me
13:56 <bookworm>: I had them going to the Elite 8 originally, at the last minute put them into the Final Four because of how well they did last year
13:57 <bookworm>: Oh no
13:57 <bookworm>: Actually had them to 16 originally, then put them to 8
13:58 <bookworm>: ESPN's bracket is hard to read
13:58 <bookworm>: That's not as bad
13:58 <bookworm>: Still pretty bad though
13:58 <Jeremiah>: Ugh, another 16er gone
13:59 <bookworm>: That was JIA's champion
13:59 <Jeremiah>: Ah
13:59 <bookworm>: Four out now
14:10 <bookworm>: Temple and Iowa going down to the wire
14:14 <bookworm>: Wow
14:14 <bookworm>: I didn't know basketball had trick plays
14:15 <bookworm>: That was a great inbound
14:17 <Kaida>: is it over yet?
14:17 <Kaida>: who won?
14:17 <bookworm>: Not yet
14:18 <bookworm>: Almost was but they fouled and gave them a chance to tie it now
14:18 <bookworm>: And do
14:18 <bookworm>: 2 second
14:18 <Kaida>: my goodness
14:18 <bookworm>: Out of bounds .8 seconds
14:19 <bookworm>: Officials discussing where they inbound the ball from
14:19 <bookworm>: Will determine if they can get a shot off
14:19 <bookworm>: Oh my goodness
14:20 <bookworm>: The other team actually touched it
14:20 <bookworm>: Going to be Temple ball
14:20 <bookworm>: For the winning attempt
14:20 <Kaida>: woooowww
14:20 <bookworm>: All the way across the court though
14:20 <bookworm>: Overtime
14:21 <bookworm>: Madness!
14:26 <Kaida>: WHEN'S IT GONNA BE OVER.
14:28 <bookworm>: This is crazy
14:29 <bookworm>: Both teams have fouled an and-1 on the other as they were making a push at the lead
14:29 <bookworm>: What a game
14:30 <bookworm>: Foul out
14:32 <bookworm>: 1 minute
14:32 <bookworm>: Tie game
14:33 <bookworm>: OH MY GOSH
14:34 <Kaida>: what now
14:34 <bookworm>: Winning tip in at literally .1 second left!!!!!
14:34 <bookworm>: The CLOSEST you can be!!!!!
14:34 <bookworm>: Iowa wins!
14:35 <Kaida>: Finally. it ends.
14:35 <bookworm>: .01 away from going to 2OT
14:35 <bookworm>: What a game
14:42 <bookworm>: That's all I get for now looks like
14:42 <bookworm>: Be back later
14:42 <Kaida>: I'm off too. See ya.
14:42 <bookworm>: Don't think I can't watch the first late one, but I should be on in the evening
14:42 bookworm quit
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18:45 <Black_Ghost>: Badgers squeaked out a nasty win
18:46 <bookworm>: They did?
18:46 <bookworm>: I only saw the first half
18:46 <bookworm>: It wasn't looking good
18:46 <Black_Ghost>: Yeah 47-43
18:46 <bookworm>: Wow
18:46 <bookworm>: What is happening today with the upsets?
18:47 <bookworm>: Another one just went down
18:47 <Black_Ghost>: Oh yeah?
18:47 <Black_Ghost>: Whis that?
18:47 <Black_Ghost>: Crazy game with the Spartans.
18:48 <bookworm>: Yeah
18:48 <bookworm>: Then West Virginia just lost
18:48 <bookworm>: Oh and there was another in between
18:48 <bookworm>: I forget who
18:50 <bookworm>: Oh Hawaii over Cal
18:50 <bookworm>: So a 13 over 4
18:50 <bookworm>: 15 over 2
18:51 <bookworm>: And 14 over 3
19:06 <Black_Ghost>: Holy cow!
19:06 <Black_Ghost>: I almost picked Hawaii *grumbles*
19:06 <Black_Ghost>: How's your bracket?
19:12 <bookworm>: I can't tell. I obviously lost those upsets, but so did everyone else surely so it's not too bad I don't think
19:12 <bookworm>: The losses other then those are stacking up a bit, but they weren't teams I had going any further than this round
19:12 <bookworm>: So idk :shrugs:
19:14 <bookworm>: All my Final Four are still in so that's good
19:16 <Black_Ghost>: I'm good elite 8 on
19:16 <bookworm>: I lost one 8 I think
19:17 <bookworm>: Yeah, Michigan State
19:17 <Black_Ghost>: Ah, yeah
19:18 <bookworm>: I put them into the 8 at the last second because of how well they did last year. Only had them to 16 at first
19:18 <bookworm>: That's the only one so far though, nice
19:18 <bookworm>: Thank goodness Wisconsin pulled it out
19:18 <Black_Ghost>: Ikr!
19:18 <Black_Ghost>: I'm only at 42 pct% which kinda sucks
19:18 <Black_Ghost>: What exactly is that?
19:18 <bookworm>: Hmm?
19:19 <Black_Ghost>: The PCT%
19:20 <bookworm>: Oh percent correct
19:21 <bookworm>: I think
19:21 <bookworm>: Something like that
19:21 <bookworm>: Not sure if it's of the whole bracket or just of the games that have been played so far
19:21 <Black_Ghost>: But why does it show a hundred percent correct on the leaders...when they've got a couple wrong
19:21 <bookworm>: 100?
19:21 <bookworm>: That's not it then
19:21 <bookworm>: Let me check
19:23 <Black_Ghost>: Mmkay
19:25 <bookworm>: "PCT is the percentage of your performance graded against all other entrants in the game. RK is your numerical rank in the entire field of entrants."
19:25 Jeremiah joined #Madness
19:29 Kaida joined #Madness
19:30 <bookworm>: Welcome back
19:30 <bookworm>: Was just going to see what's gone down
19:30 <bookworm>: West Virginia lost in another big upset
19:30 <bookworm>: Crazy
19:32 <bookworm>: Oregon won by 39
19:32 <bookworm>: Wow
19:33 <Black_Ghost>: Wow
19:34 <bookworm>: Oklahoma, Maryland, Wisconsin
19:34 <bookworm>: And Texas A&M over Green Bay
19:36 <Black_Ghost>: Yeah :(
19:37 <bookworm>: Are you here yet Limerick
19:38 <bookworm>: Two 11 over 6 upsets brewing right now
19:39 <bookworm>: But both early in their games
19:39 <Jeremiah>: Lotta early upsets this year
19:41 <Kaida>: What games are going on?
19:41 <bookworm>: Right now, 4 going
19:42 <bookworm>: I get Michigan and Notre Dame
19:43 <Black_Ghost>: I have Notre dame winning
19:44 <bookworm>: I have them winning here too, then out I believe
19:44 <bookworm>: Yeah, to WV
19:44 <bookworm>: Who is out...
19:44 <Black_Ghost>: :(
19:45 <bookworm>: So who knows now
19:46 <bookworm>: They'd be going against a #14 now instead
19:47 <bookworm>: Should win you would think, but then they just made easy work of a #3...
19:49 <Black_Ghost>: Exactly
19:49 <Black_Ghost>: The tourney is a whole different ball game
19:49 <bookworm>: I kind of want Xavier to lose now so we just throw out the right side of the bracket :p
19:50 <Black_Ghost>: Haha
19:51 <Black_Ghost>: I think I have them losing to Wisconsin?
19:51 <bookworm>: Huh me too actually
19:51 <bookworm>: Probably a mistake
19:53 <bookworm>: How far do you have the Badgers again?
19:54 <Black_Ghost>: Elite 8
19:54 <Black_Ghost>: Losing to Kentucky
19:54 <bookworm>: Me too. But losing to North Carolina
19:59 <bookworm>: Oh gosh
19:59 <bookworm>: I was so excited about Iowa's win earlier Kaida
19:59 <bookworm>: I actually had picked Temple
20:00 <bookworm>: Oh well it was still an amazing finish
20:04 <Black_Ghost>: I did tooooo
20:09 <Kaida>: Haha
20:09 <Kaida>: It was intense.
20:10 <bookworm>: Yeah I actually wasn't positive who I picked at the time, it was just a great game
20:11 <bookworm>: I was excited about how close it was
20:11 Court joined #Madness
20:11 <Court>: Bookworm! how's the bracket looking?
20:11 <bookworm>: Not great
20:11 <bookworm>: Lots of upsets today
20:11 <bookworm>: But that means everyone probably missed them
20:11 <bookworm>: So maybe not too bad
20:11 <bookworm>: You and Kaida are tied for last :)
20:12 <Court>: haha, oh good.
20:12 <bookworm>: But your champion is out already and hers isn't
20:12 <Kaida>: Yeah. I realized with this thing that I have no luck when I go at it random. =p
20:13 <bookworm>: Well that's because the results aren't random
20:13 <bookworm>: Entirely
20:13 <bookworm>: So picking random doesn't give you random chance of being right
20:13 <Black_Ghost>: I'm killing it at 7th place woooot
20:13 <Court>: haha. I picked partially on places I know people/where I want to travel.
20:13 <bookworm>: Cool
20:14 <Court>: It didn't work either. haha.
20:15 Jeremiah quit
20:16 <bookworm>: Xavier won
20:17 <bookworm>: On Wisconsin!
20:17 <Black_Ghost>: Yes!!!
20:19 <Court>: Hrm. If I remember correctly, that's one more loss. ;)
20:20 <Court>: Why are you rooting against Wisconsin Black_ghost? =P
20:20 <Black_Ghost>: I'm not!!!
20:21 <Black_Ghost>: I'm rooting for themmm
20:21 <Court>: Didn't bookworm just say they lost to Xavier?
20:21 <bookworm>: On Wisconsin is the fight song
20:21 Court is confused.
20:21 <bookworm>: They will play them next round
20:21 <Black_Ghost>: Yup
20:23 <Kaida>: Court.. Just smile and nod.
20:27 Court quit
20:31 <Kaida>: Are you watching a game, book?
20:32 <bookworm>: Yes, Michigan and Notre Dame
20:32 <Black_Ghost>: Haha, @ Kaida
20:32 <Kaida>: What?
20:32 <Black_Ghost>: Smile and nod
20:33 <Kaida>: Oh.
20:33 <Black_Ghost>: But really 90 percent of mine was using their seed, and guessing
20:34 <bookworm>: Yeah mine too BG
20:34 <bookworm>: This was looking like it would be another upset, but just got tied
20:34 <bookworm>: It's getting good now
20:34 <bookworm>: The other one did too
20:34 <bookworm>: All games going right now are very close
20:39 <Black_Ghost>: Sweet!!
20:43 <Black_Ghost>: Any more finals?
20:44 <bookworm>: First Notre Dame lead tonight
20:44 <bookworm>: But now tied again
20:44 <bookworm>: Final scores?
20:44 <Black_Ghost>: Mhmm
20:44 <Black_Ghost>: Go notre dame
20:45 <bookworm>: Not yet. Last three games of the night all have roughly 10 minutes to go
20:45 <bookworm>: And that will do it for the opening round!
20:46 <Black_Ghost>: Yay!!!
20:55 <bookworm>: Man, this game
20:55 <bookworm>: 4 minutes, still tied
20:55 <Kaida>: Wow...
21:00 Black_Ghost quit
21:07 <bookworm>: Notre Dame wins
21:07 <bookworm>: The other two games have 5 and 3 minutes left
21:07 <bookworm>: Both tied
21:08 <bookworm>: What a way to end the round
21:09 <Kaida>: Cool
21:15 AndChat|189569 joined #Madness
21:15 <bookworm>: Notre Dame got the win
21:15 <AndChat|189569>: Yay!!!!
21:15 <bookworm>: Texas up by one with 36 seconds left
21:17 <Kaida>: Down by one now.
21:17 <bookworm>: Gosh
21:18 <bookworm>: 12 seconds
21:19 <Kaida>: And they lost.
21:19 <Kaida>: Sigh
21:20 <bookworm>: Another upset! Man
21:20 <bookworm>: And the last is a one point game with 35 seconds left
21:20 <bookworm>: That was a tough one to pick. 9 vs 8
21:21 <Kaida>: Who did you choose?
21:21 <bookworm>: Cincinnati
21:22 <bookworm>: Up by one, 15 seconds
21:22 <Kaida>: Down by two now.
21:22 <bookworm>: Sigh
21:24 <bookworm>: Tied at one second o.o
21:26 <bookworm>: Then they get two points taken off and lose.
21:26 <bookworm>: What?
21:26 <Kaida>: What?
21:26 <Kaida>: Why?
21:26 <bookworm>: My ticker said 98-98 with 1 second left
21:26 <bookworm>: Now says 96-98 final
21:26 <Kaida>: o_0
21:27 <bookworm>: Someone must have pushed the wrong button
21:27 <Kaida>: Heh
21:27 <Kaida>: So that's it for tonight, huh?
21:27 <bookworm>: Yep!
21:27 <bookworm>: Thanks for hanging out!
21:27 <Kaida>: No probs. =)
21:27 <Kaida>: It was fun.
21:27 <bookworm>: I'm busy all day tomorrow so can't watch anything and won't be online. But I may be able to see the very last game, so may come by in the evening.
21:28 <Kaida>: Gotcha
21:28 <Kaida>: I work tomorrow.
21:28 <Kaida>: In the evening so I won't be around.
21:28 <bookworm>: Okay
21:28 <bookworm>: Maybe Sunday then
21:29 Kaida nods.
21:35 <bookworm>: Maybe my bracket will do better if I'm not following it
21:35 <bookworm>: :p
21:35 <Kaida>: Heh. I was thinking that too.
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Have enjoyed this much more than I expected. Even though my bracket is pretty much busted, it's made me pay a lot closer attention to the tournament, and catch a lot of heroics I may have otherwise missed.
Here's to a great dance. On Wisconsin!
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Round of 32:
Day 1:
#Madness wrote:March Madness discussion and game chats for the Round of 32!
Topic set by bookworm
16:40 Woody joined #Madness
16:40 <Woody>: There goes one of my final four
18:31 Woody quit
18:59 bookworm joined #Madness
19:14 <bookworm>: Limerick?
19:15 <bookworm>: UConn is gone
19:33 Black_Ghost joined #Madness
19:33 <Black_Ghost>: Still in 7th :(
19:35 <bookworm>: Miss any bad ones today?
19:35 <bookworm>: I haven't checked what's happened yet
19:37 <Black_Ghost>: Kentucky got upset
19:37 <Black_Ghost>: Thay really screwed my bracket up
19:38 <Black_Ghost>: I had them in the final four
19:38 <bookworm>: Woah really?
19:38 <Black_Ghost>: Yup
19:38 <Black_Ghost>: First second round loss since 07
19:38 <bookworm>: But not an upset really, ranking wise; but it is surprising.
19:38 <Black_Ghost>: Right
19:38 <Black_Ghost>: Spartans and Wildcats both out before the sweet sixteen...who would've thought
19:39 <bookworm>: I had them going one more in.
19:39 <bookworm>: So not too bad for me
19:39 <bookworm>: Let's see
19:40 <bookworm>: Duke over Yale. Didn't hurt nor help me, I had a different matchup there.
19:40 <bookworm>: Virginia won, and Kansas over UConn so Limerick's champ done
19:40 <bookworm>: Wow Gonzaga took down Utah easy. Another upset
19:47 <bookworm>: Still have 7 of my 8
19:48 <bookworm>: If NC wins the last of tonight
19:48 <bookworm>: Up at the half, but not by much
20:08 Jehoshaphat joined #Madness
20:08 <bookworm>: Hi!
20:09 <Jehoshaphat>: Hello
20:10 <bookworm>: How did yours do today?
20:10 <Jehoshaphat>: Terrible
20:10 <bookworm>: Oh really
20:11 <Jehoshaphat>: Yeah, I only have like 2 correct in the midwest
20:11 <Jehoshaphat>: Kentucky losing really hurt me
20:11 <bookworm>: How far did you have them?
20:12 <Jehoshaphat>: Final 4
20:12 <bookworm>: Yikes!
20:12 <Jehoshaphat>: Yeah
20:12 <Jehoshaphat>: I'm at 10% now
20:12 <bookworm>: So did Black_Ghost
20:12 <bookworm>: I only had them one more in so it wasn't too bad for me
20:13 <Jehoshaphat>: Yeah, Utah hurt me as well
20:13 <Jehoshaphat>: They were in the elite 8
20:13 <Jehoshaphat>: But yeah I have only got 4 right in the Midwest so far
20:14 <bookworm>: I had Utah going one more also, so again not terrible
20:14 <bookworm>: Still have 7 of my Elite 8 in, if North Carolina wins tonight
20:14 <Jehoshaphat>: Yeah
20:14 <Jehoshaphat>: 6 of 8 of my elite 8 are still in
20:15 <bookworm>: That's not bad
20:15 <Jehoshaphat>: Not terrible
20:15 <Jehoshaphat>: And my champion is in
20:15 <Jehoshaphat>: So that is a plus
20:16 <bookworm>: Yes
20:16 <bookworm>: Who ya got?
20:16 <Jehoshaphat>: Kansas
20:16 <bookworm>: Ah yes
20:16 <bookworm>: A lot do
20:16 <Jehoshaphat>: They are doing pretty well
20:28 <bookworm>: I was able to hear Miami/Wichita State on the radio.
20:29 <bookworm>: That was an exciting one. Especially knowing what it meant for Woody's
20:29 <Jehoshaphat>: mhmm
20:43 Jehoshaphat quit
20:50 <bookworm>: And NC won
20:50 <bookworm>: Good
21:27 bookworm quit
Day 2:
#Madness wrote:March Madness discussion and game chats for the Round of 32!
Topic set by bookworm
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12:36 Kaida joined #Madness
12:39 <bookworm>: Hi!
12:39 <bookworm>: Anything go final yet today?
12:39 <bookworm>: Just got on
12:39 <bookworm>: Oh this game's at halftime so I can see
12:39 <bookworm>: Perfect
12:39 <Kaida>: Today. I think there was a game at 12. I don't know who played though.
12:40 <bookworm>: Villanova beat Utah
12:41 <bookworm>: Wait what
12:41 <bookworm>: That doesn't match anything on my bracket...
12:41 <bookworm>: Must have read something wrong
12:42 <Kaida>: Wasn't it Nova vs Iowa?
12:42 <bookworm>: Villanova beat Iowa
12:42 Kaida nods.
12:43 <bookworm>: I had a different matchup there, but did pick Nova to advance so I get it anyway
12:43 <Kaida>: Gotcha.
12:44 <bookworm>: Watching SFA/Notre Dame right now
12:45 <Kaida>: Ooh okay. Who did you pick there?
12:45 <bookworm>: Doesn't do anything for me either way; I have ND losing but because I had them against West Virginia
12:45 <Kaida>: Ah.
12:46 <bookworm>: SFA upset them, so meh
12:46 <bookworm>: Looking to continue their upset train with another win I guess
12:46 Kaida pats bookworm.
12:46 <Kaida>: There there.
12:58 <bookworm>: There seems to only be one game going right now
12:58 <bookworm>: Things are calming down :p
13:04 Black_Ghost joined #Madness
13:04 <Black_Ghost>: Yo
13:04 <Kaida>: Sup
13:04 <bookworm>: So I'm done with this leg however it goes I guess; I had WV winning here then losing to Wisconsin
13:05 <bookworm>: So doesn't matter who goes on, they need to lose next time
13:05 <bookworm>: Should probably want SFA to manage another upset then since that would be an easier matchup for the Badgers on paper
13:05 <bookworm>: But coming off back to back upsets they'd probably just pull off another one
13:07 <bookworm>: Who did you have against Wisconsin next round BG?
13:11 <bookworm>: Oh, Wisconsin still has to beat Xavier tonight first
13:11 <bookworm>: Lol one thing at a time
13:32 <bookworm>: Camera still going blurry every few minutes. Weird
13:34 <bookworm>: This is a really even game
13:34 <Kaida>: Bleh.
13:48 <bookworm>: Wow
13:49 <bookworm>: That was the gutsiest thing I've seen
13:50 <bookworm>: Notre Dame down by one point, other team inbounding the ball with a few seconds more than the shot clock has
13:50 <bookworm>: Coach decides to let them just play it out
13:51 <bookworm>: ND gets a stop, goes down court, gets the go ahead bucket with 1 second left
13:56 <Kaida>: Wish I saw that.
14:06 <Kaida>: Is there another game?
14:07 <bookworm>: Looks like VCU and Oklahoma
14:08 <Kaida>: Ohh okay.
14:10 <Kaida>: Be back later.
14:10 Kaida quit
15:45 Kaida joined #Madness
16:16 <bookworm>: VCU trying to hang in for the upset here
16:19 <bookworm>: I don't have Oklahoma winning the next round, so once again wouldn't be terrible for me if they lost
16:19 <bookworm>: It's funny how I've been able to handle nearly every big loss fairly well
16:20 <bookworm>: Other than Michigan State
16:20 <Kaida>: What's the score right now?
16:26 <bookworm>: 3 point game, 15 seconds left
16:30 <bookworm>: Oklahoma wins
16:30 <bookworm>: I guess that's the last one I get today, I'm going to head off for a while
16:30 <Kaida>: Okay.
16:30 <bookworm>: Might be back this evening to see what happened in the rest
16:31 Kaida nods.
16:31 <Kaida>: Sounds good.
16:31 bookworm quit
18:18 Black_Ghost quit
19:51 bookworm joined #Madness
19:52 <bookworm>: Okay let's see what's happened this evening...
19:52 <bookworm>: Syracuse and Maryland won
19:53 <Kaida>: Yerp.
19:53 <bookworm>: Wisconsin won!
19:53 <bookworm>: Oh my gosh that is awesome!!
19:54 <bookworm>: Over #2 Xavier
19:54 <bookworm>: That is so great
19:54 Black_Ghost joined #Madness
19:54 <Black_Ghost>: Holy buckets
19:54 <bookworm>: Ah Badgers!!!!
19:55 <Black_Ghost>: How about the badgers
19:55 bookworm goes nuts
19:55 <bookworm>: I cannot believe I got that pick right!
19:55 <Black_Ghost>: So glad I had them advancing!
19:56 <bookworm>: Who do you have them against next round?
19:56 <bookworm>: I had WV, who is out
19:57 <Black_Ghost>: I have them against Notre dame
19:57 <bookworm>: Really? That's who it is!
19:57 <bookworm>: Nice
19:58 <Black_Ghost>: Sweet! I just saw that when I checked
19:58 <Kaida>: Texas A&M won. =D I thought they weren't but they tied at the end went overtime and tied again and then finally got ahead
19:58 <bookworm>: Wow Texas A&M needed 2OT to beat a #11
19:58 <bookworm>: Huh
19:59 <bookworm>: Yeah, I had WV vs Notre Dame this round, so had WV on to Wisconsin
19:59 <bookworm>: If I knew ND would face the other team instead I would have put them through
20:00 <bookworm>: But either way, Badgers win from here. Doesn't matter who it's against
20:00 <bookworm>: ;)
20:02 <bookworm>: Just one left in the round, Oregon and St Joe's at halftime
20:03 <bookworm>: I want to see that one, they're my champion
20:05 <bookworm>: Maybe it's on the radio
20:07 <bookworm>: It is! Cool
20:07 <Kaida>: You cant get the live stream online?
20:07 <bookworm>: I'm on my phone
20:08 <bookworm>: Oh and I don't think it was noted yesterday that Butler lost. So someone else's champion goes out
20:30 <bookworm>: Wow, tie game
20:30 <bookworm>: That's not good
20:32 <Kaida>: o_o
20:33 <bookworm>: Don't know how much time is left
20:40 <Black_Ghost>: 8 min
20:43 <bookworm>: Thanks
20:51 Countess joined #Madness
20:51 <bookworm>: Were you the other one who picked Oregon to win?
20:52 <Countess>: Yes
20:52 <bookworm>: They're in trouble
20:52 <Countess>: Nooooo
20:52 <bookworm>: Down two, 3:34 left
20:54 <Black_Ghost>: Eee
20:54 <Black_Ghost>: Dang
20:54 <Kaida>: Tied now.
20:55 <bookworm>: 2:38
20:55 <bookworm>: Game stopped for injured St Joe's player
20:56 <bookworm>: Down 2
20:56 <bookworm>: Up 1
20:56 <bookworm>: Big three!
20:57 <Kaida>: =o
20:57 <bookworm>: Tied
20:57 <bookworm>: 1:37
20:57 <bookworm>: Down 1
20:57 <Kaida>: Grr
20:58 <bookworm>: Another three!
20:58 Countess quit
20:58 <bookworm>: Up 2
20:58 <bookworm>: 1:19
20:58 <Kaida>: My goodness
20:59 <bookworm>: How far do the rest of you have Oregon going?
21:00 <Kaida>: No clue.
21:00 <bookworm>: Shot clock violation!
21:00 <bookworm>: But couldn't tell by who
21:00 <Black_Ghost>: I have them losing to duke in the next round
21:00 <Kaida>: Oh yeah. Same.
21:00 <bookworm>: Someone's shooting foul shots
21:01 <bookworm>: Oregon is
21:01 <bookworm>: Up 3 now
21:01 <bookworm>: Made the second too
21:01 <bookworm>: Up 4, timeout
21:01 <bookworm>: 31 seconds left
21:02 <bookworm>: I should have put Duke through one more, I don't know what I was thinking
21:02 <bookworm>: Hopefully Oregon does win here, then there, and it won't matter much
21:02 <Black_Ghost>: You have them as champs?
21:02 <bookworm>: Up 2 now
21:02 <bookworm>: Yes
21:03 <bookworm>: My best educted guess
21:03 <Black_Ghost>: Eeee
21:03 <bookworm>: I heard they finished the season red hot
21:03 <Black_Ghost>: Yeah
21:03 <Black_Ghost>: I hadn't heard of them since I don't really pay attention
21:03 <bookworm>: Won the division, then their tournament
21:04 <Black_Ghost>: Nice!
21:04 <bookworm>: And the way they played in the first round seemed to indicate they'd keep it going
21:05 <bookworm>: I think they won by the largest margin so far in this thing
21:05 <bookworm>: 3 point lead
21:05 <Black_Ghost>: Woo
21:05 <bookworm>: Missed the second free throw
21:06 <bookworm>: Some kind of scramble for the ball
21:06 <bookworm>: Foul called
21:06 <bookworm>: Can't tell on who
21:06 <Kaida>: Oh boy.
21:06 <bookworm>: Foul on St Joe's
21:06 <bookworm>: Officials reviewing to see if it's flagrant
21:06 <bookworm>: Wow
21:07 <bookworm>: That would be huge
21:08 <bookworm>: Apparently actually just reviewing the clock
21:08 <bookworm>: 9.8 seconds
21:08 <bookworm>: Foul shots...
21:08 <bookworm>: Good
21:08 <bookworm>: Two possession game
21:09 <bookworm>: Second...
21:09 <bookworm>: Good!
21:09 <bookworm>: Up 5
21:09 <bookworm>: Oregon wins!!
21:09 <Kaida>: Yay!
21:09 <bookworm>: Gosh
21:10 <Black_Ghost>: Wooo
21:10 <bookworm>: Duke will probably win
21:10 <bookworm>: :p
21:11 <Kaida>: You never know.
21:11 <bookworm>: 7 of my E8 make the Sweet 16
21:12 <bookworm>: Michigan State remains the only 'real' bad one for me so far
21:13 <bookworm>: How are you guys looking?
21:14 <Kaida>: 5 of 8 =p
21:14 <bookworm>: Not terrible
21:14 <Kaida>: No. I've moved up.
21:14 <bookworm>: I think usually I'm down one of my Final 4 by the third round ;)
21:16 <bookworm>: I didn't, but Woody moved down, so I'm now alone in 7th
21:16 <Kaida>: So the next games are not until the 24th.
21:16 <bookworm>: Okay cool
21:16 <Kaida>: A nice break from madness.
21:16 <bookworm>: Have some time to get organized then
21:16 <bookworm>: I want to get these logs posted
21:17 <bookworm>: Keep things somewhat timely
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Post by Kaida »

*twirls around so bookworm can post on this thread again*

I had fun by the way. Thanks for setting this up, bookman.
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Post by bookworm »

Sweet 16:
Day 1:
#Madness wrote:March Madness discussion and game chats for the Sweet Sixteen!
Topic set by bookworm
16:12 bookworm joined #Madness
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16:14 <bookworm>: Welcome back to the madness!
16:18 <Kaida>: Did a game already start?
16:18 <bookworm>: First one today just did
16:18 <bookworm>: Only four today
16:19 <bookworm>: We're getting down there
16:19 <bookworm>: Miami and Villanova
16:19 <bookworm>: A matchup I actually predicted
16:20 <bookworm>: I have Miami winning
16:20 <Kaida>: Well then I hope they win.
16:22 Jeremiah joined #Madness
16:22 <bookworm>: Miami just started
16:22 <Jeremiah>: #Scared
16:30 <bookworm>: Not a good start
16:36 <bookworm>: This is a mess
16:37 <bookworm>: I think the break was too long
16:37 <bookworm>: They forgot how to play
16:42 <bookworm>: Oklahoma/Texas A&M just started
16:42 <bookworm>: I don't get it
16:42 <bookworm>: But I also had that matchup right
16:43 <bookworm>: Picked Texas
16:43 <Kaida>: Same.
16:43 <bookworm>: Huh, so in both of these I put the 3 over the 2
16:45 <bookworm>: Okay, now Miami showed up!
16:46 <Jeremiah>: It's close
16:46 <bookworm>: Now
16:46 <bookworm>: Was shaping up to be a blowout
16:47 <bookworm>: They were turning the ball over every time down the court, went down 15
16:53 <bookworm>: Is college basketball not stop clock?
16:54 <bookworm>: I never realized that
16:55 <bookworm>: Halftime
17:11 <bookworm>: Have to go for about 15 min, should be back before the end
17:11 bookworm quit
17:24 Kaida quit
17:36 bookworm joined #Madness
18:03 <bookworm>: Bleh
18:08 <bookworm>: Miami out
18:08 <bookworm>: Didn't have them going any further, but would have been nice to get a final point
18:10 Kaida joined #Madness
18:10 <bookworm>: Woody's champion just left
18:11 <Kaida>: I'm going to be away from the keyboard for a little bit.
18:11 <bookworm>: I am too actually
18:11 <bookworm>: Should be back for the end of the late game
18:20 bookworm quit
20:56 bookworm joined #Madness
20:57 <bookworm>: Just in time!
20:57 <bookworm>: 5 minutes left!
20:59 <bookworm>: Oregon is up!
21:02 <bookworm>: Say the score guy!
21:02 <bookworm>: The problem with radio
21:05 <bookworm>: 2:08 left
21:06 <bookworm>: Still don't know how much they're up
21:06 <bookworm>: Timeout Duke
21:06 <bookworm>: 1:32
21:07 <bookworm>: 10 point lead!
21:07 <bookworm>: Nice
21:11 <bookworm>: 56 seconds
21:11 <bookworm>: 36
21:11 <bookworm>: Oregon wins!!
21:11 <bookworm>: Woot!!!
21:14 <bookworm>: Texas lost too huh?
21:15 <bookworm>: So both matchups I had right I got the winner wrong
21:15 <bookworm>: Kansas won though
21:15 <bookworm>: So I'm 2 and 2 today
21:16 <bookworm>: But got the important one!
21:26 Kaida quit
21:28 <Jeremiah>: Oi
21:30 <bookworm>: :D
21:38 bookworm quit
Day 2:
#Madness wrote:March Madness discussion and game chats for the Sweet Sixteen!
Topic set by bookworm
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16:00 <bookworm>: First of the day about to start
16:00 <bookworm>: Don't know who it is
16:01 <bookworm>: How did you do yesterday?
16:01 <bookworm>: I was 2 and 2
16:01 <Jeremiah>: I think I called 3/4
16:02 <bookworm>: Not bad
16:02 <bookworm>: That 4th though
16:02 <Jeremiah>: I know
16:02 <Jeremiah>: Don't remind me
16:02 <bookworm>: Not bad on paper
16:02 <bookworm>: Implications wise, worse
16:02 <Jeremiah>: Today I've already lost 2/4
16:02 <Jeremiah>: Er, 3/4
16:02 <bookworm>: Nothing's happened yet today
16:03 <Jeremiah>: I mean the teams I predicted are already out
16:03 <bookworm>: Oh wow
16:03 <bookworm>: Really?
16:03 <Jeremiah>: Kentucky, West Virginia, and Utah
16:04 <bookworm>: Ah
16:04 <Jeremiah>: So, today is a bad day for me
16:06 <bookworm>: Four teams I had getting here from today's are gone, but I only had one of them going on from here
16:06 <bookworm>: Michigan State
16:09 <bookworm>: Ah, I get Virginia/Iowa State
16:09 <bookworm>: The only one I had both teams right for
16:13 <bookworm>: I picked Virginia
16:15 <bookworm>: Already up 10
16:17 Kaida joined #Madness
16:17 <Kaida>: I'm at work. We're only allowed to check our phone when it's dead so I'll be away ish.
16:18 <bookworm>: Not a problem, only one game going
16:24 <Kaida>: Which?
16:24 <bookworm>: Virginia/Iowa State
16:52 <bookworm>: Wisconsin and Notre Dame just started
16:52 <bookworm>: Wish I got that one
16:57 <bookworm>: Halftime
16:59 <Kaida>: Who's in the lead?
17:00 <bookworm>: Virginia
17:01 <bookworm>: Been in control all game
17:12 <bookworm>: Oh btw Kaida, I found out what happened with that one game where the score changed at the end.
17:12 <bookworm>: They thought they got the tying tip in to force overtime, but after review he didn't let go in time. Didn't get it before the buzzer. So they took the points off and the other team won.
17:12 <Kaida>: Ohh. I see.
17:26 <bookworm>: Wow, next game will be an 11 vs a 10
17:26 <bookworm>: That's crazy
17:27 <bookworm>: That bracket leg completely broke down
17:37 <bookworm>: Come on Badgers!
17:37 <bookworm>: Close game over there
18:02 <bookworm>: Woah
18:02 <Kaida>: What?
18:02 <bookworm>: Cheerleader got the basketball right in the face
18:02 <Kaida>: =o
18:02 <Kaida>: Ouch.
18:02 <bookworm>: Ooh she's crying
18:03 <bookworm>: That had to hurt
18:03 <bookworm>: It wasn't just bounced out, it was kicked
18:04 <Kaida>: =\
18:07 <bookworm>: 1 minute left
18:10 <Kaida>: That's a long minute.
18:11 <bookworm>: Basketball minutes are very long
18:12 <bookworm>: Virginia wins
18:13 <bookworm>: Never really in doubt
18:13 <bookworm>: 4 minutes left for Wisconsin in a one point game
18:14 <bookworm>: Hope I can wait for the end of that
18:14 <bookworm>: I have to leave soon
18:27 <Jeremiah>: Well, at least I got the one match I possibly could get right right
18:27 <bookworm>: Heh
18:27 <Jeremiah>: And hey, I'm in 7th!
18:28 Jeremiah is ahead of bookworm for now
18:28 <bookworm>: Has Wisconsin finished yet? The postgame show isn't showing the score
18:32 <bookworm>: Gah, they lost!
18:32 <bookworm>: Darn!
18:32 <bookworm>: Have to go. Will try to be back before end of the last game, but don't know if I'll make it
18:32 <Kaida>: See ya
18:32 bookworm quit
20:50 bookworm joined #Madness
20:50 <bookworm>: Wow!
20:51 <bookworm>: Didn't make it here in time, but I caught the end on the radio just now
20:51 <bookworm>: Another great one that came right down to the wire!
20:51 <bookworm>: Syracuse got the win
20:53 Black_Ghost joined #Madness
20:54 <Black_Ghost>: I just need to cry now
20:54 <bookworm>: BG! You didn't tell me Wisconsin's win over Xavier was on a buzzer beater! O_O
20:54 <Black_Ghost>: I DIDN'T??
20:54 <bookworm>: No you didn't!
20:54 <bookworm>: You probably assumed that I saw, but I didn't get that one, just saw the final score
20:54 <Black_Ghost>: Ahhh, ok
20:54 <bookworm>: There have been a ton of incredible last second finishes in this tournament!
20:54 <Black_Ghost>: I know!
20:54 <Black_Ghost>: Unfortunately, Wisconsin was on the receiving end tonight
20:54 <bookworm>: Yeah :(
20:55 <bookworm>: At least we got it right they got this far
20:55 <bookworm>: No one else probably did
20:56 <bookworm>: Wait, did they lose on a buzzer beater today?
20:56 <bookworm>: I didn't see this one either
20:56 <bookworm>: Was just watching the score move back and forth
20:56 <bookworm>: Really close one
20:56 <bookworm>: Until the end
20:58 <Black_Ghost>: No, they had the ball and a 1 point lead with 19 seconds left
20:58 <bookworm>: I saw that yeah
20:58 <Black_Ghost>: In a Vitto Brown, cold blooded three
20:58 <bookworm>: Couldn't figure out how they ended up losing by two possessions after that
20:58 <Black_Ghost>: Then totally flubbed it
20:58 <Black_Ghost>: Turned it over twice
20:58 <bookworm>: Ah
20:58 <bookworm>: Okay
21:04 <bookworm>: See you tomorrow I hope

Elite 8:
Day 1:
#Madness wrote:March Madness discussion and game chats for the Elite Eight!
Topic set by bookworm
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12:17 <Kaida>: Is stuff going on?
12:17 <bookworm>: Not for us yet
12:17 <bookworm>: The Division II championship game is on right now
12:18 <bookworm>: How are you guys looking?
12:18 <bookworm>: I only have 4 of the E8 right; but all of my Final 4 are still alive
12:18 <bookworm>: I put all of the #1's
12:19 <Kaida>: Smart.
12:19 <bookworm>: Not on purpose, that's just how it turned out.
12:19 <bookworm>: I picked each game in a vacuum, I didn't put high seeds on automatically
12:20 <bookworm>: Just most of the time, since they of course had the better matchups
12:20 <bookworm>: On paper
12:21 <bookworm>: Interestingly I had no matchups right this round, the four I have are one team in each of the four games.
12:24 <bookworm>: This team has Abraham Lincoln as a mascot
12:24 <bookworm>: That's awesome
12:25 <bookworm>: He's out there dancing around :p
12:36 <bookworm>: Whoever is running the CBS graphic advanced the score for the wrong team on that basket
12:37 <bookworm>: Now it's right
13:16 <bookworm>: Be back later
13:16 bookworm quit
14:17 Kaida quit
15:00 bookworm joined #Madness
15:10 <bookworm>: I get Oregon/Oklahoma nice!
15:16 Black_Ghost joined #Madness
15:16 <Black_Ghost>: Hellooo
15:17 <bookworm>: Hi!
15:17 <bookworm>: Get to see an Oregon game for the first time
15:18 <bookworm>: (My champ)
15:18 <bookworm>: Nervous about this one, I know Oklahoma is good
15:24 <bookworm>: Two great blocks!
15:26 Black_Ghost quit
15:45 <bookworm>: Not much else though
15:53 <bookworm>: This is getting ugly
15:56 Woody quit
16:00 <bookworm>: Halftime
16:10 <bookworm>: What in the world....
16:10 <bookworm>: The halftime report is being done by muppets
16:24 Kaida joined #Madness
16:24 <Kaida>: Is there a game happenin'?
16:24 <bookworm>: Yeah
16:24 <bookworm>: Oregon down big to Oklahoma
16:25 <Kaida>: Who's winning?
16:25 <bookworm>: :(
16:25 <Kaida>: Not Oregon, I'm assuming.
16:48 <bookworm>: Actually starting to close the gap finally
16:49 <bookworm>: But don't know of there's enough time left to get there
16:49 <Kaida>: =o
17:00 <bookworm>: This is the problem (and point I guess) with brackets. If I had known this would be the matchup I probably would have taken Oklahoma here. But I had Oregon against Texas A&M
17:04 <bookworm>: I have to go right after this one is over, won't be able to see the other one today
17:09 <bookworm>: Bleh
17:09 <bookworm>: Alright see you tomorrow maybe
17:11 <Kaida>: Leaving already?
17:18 <bookworm>: I have to :(
17:18 bookworm quit
17:53 Kaida left #Madness
18:29 bookworm joined #Madness
18:30 Kaida joined #Madness
18:30 <bookworm>: Actually able to watch a bit
18:30 <Kaida>: WHO WON?
18:30 <bookworm>: Oklahoma big time
18:30 <Kaida>: Aww.
18:30 <Kaida>: I'm sorry.,
18:31 <bookworm>: It's fine, there wasn't enough for me to climb back up in the group anyway
18:31 <bookworm>: Nova and Kansas playing now
18:31 <Kaida>: Oooh how's it going?
18:31 <bookworm>: Just put it on, let me see
18:32 <bookworm>: Villanova up by 5
18:32 <bookworm>: 3 minutes left in the first half
18:32 <bookworm>: I have Kansas here, but then had Oregon beating them next round, so I hope Nova wins now
18:33 <bookworm>: I'll give up the one point to take out half the group's champ
18:33 <bookworm>: ;)
18:33 <Kaida>: Hahaha I was thinking the same.
18:33 <Kaida>: Yay, I'm not the only evil on here.
18:38 <bookworm>: Halftime, Nova up 7
18:39 <bookworm>: Now I do have to go. Might be able to check back in for a little bit of the second half but not sure
18:40 bookworm quit
19:56 bookworm joined #Madness
19:56 <bookworm>: Villanova up 1 point with 25 seconds left!!
19:57 <bookworm>: Now up 3 with 23
19:58 <bookworm>: 13 seconds
19:58 <bookworm>: 3 seconds! Timeout!
19:59 <bookworm>: Now 5 seconds?
19:59 <bookworm>: Kansas turnover!
20:00 <bookworm>: That should do it!
20:01 <bookworm>: (Can't turn it on, just watching a ticker on my phone)
20:02 <bookworm>: Nova wins!
20:02 <bookworm>: Yay!
20:02 <bookworm>: G2G
20:02 <Kaida>: o_o
20:02 <Kaida>: Didn't even know I was still in here.
20:02 <bookworm>: Ha
20:02 <bookworm>: Well bye
20:02 <bookworm>: The fallout from this will be fun tomorrow
20:03 <Kaida>: hehe
20:03 bookworm quit
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20:12 <Jehoshaphat>: Seriously! Why did Kansas have to lose! That is absolutely ridiculous!
20:58 Jehoshaphat quit
Day 2:
#Madness wrote:March Madness discussion and game chats for the Elite Eight!
Topic set by bookworm
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15:23 <bookworm>: Don't get either game on TV today but I will be listening on the radio when I can.
15:23 <bookworm>: Will only be in and out during the first one but I will be here for the second later on.
15:24 <Kaida>: Gotcha. I'm gonna take a nap. Maybe. We'll see if I can. I'm exhausted.
15:24 <bookworm>: Okay, the second game is around 8 Eastern
15:25 <Kaida>: K
15:25 <bookworm>: I'm now rooting against my picks \:D/
15:25 <bookworm>: I want the upsets
15:25 <Kaida>: Haha
15:25 <bookworm>: Cya
15:26 bookworm quit
17:54 bookworm joined #Madness
17:55 <bookworm>: Holy cow, Syracuse beat #1 Virginia!
17:55 <bookworm>: First ever #10 seed to get to the Final 4!
17:57 <bookworm>: Just one more team to get rid of. Go Notre Dame! :P
18:12 <Kaida>: Hah
18:15 <bookworm>: Sounds like a really even game so far
18:33 <Kaida>: Anyone in the lead?
18:35 <bookworm>: Was back and forth for a long time, but North Carolina up by 5 right now
18:35 <bookworm>: Almost halftime
18:40 <bookworm>: Halftime
18:41 <bookworm>: 43-38 NC
18:55 Kaida quit
19:18 Black_Ghost joined #Madness
19:18 <Black_Ghost>: So, what is the elite 8 looking like?
19:20 <bookworm>: All the upsets so far
19:20 <bookworm>: I love it!
19:20 <bookworm>: Only one real upset though
19:20 <bookworm>: The other two were 2's over 1's
19:20 <bookworm>: But earlier today Syracuse became the first ever #10 to make the F4
19:21 <bookworm>: Beat #1 Virginia!
19:21 Jehoshaphat joined #Madness
19:22 <Jehoshaphat>: I am surprised I am still in third
19:22 <Jehoshaphat>: I only have 1 of my final four in
19:22 <bookworm>: I'm rooting for the upsets now since I can't make up ground no matter what
19:22 <bookworm>: Good thing to
19:23 <bookworm>: I'm 3 for 3 so far :p
19:23 <bookworm>: Just need Notre Dame to get this one
19:23 <Jehoshaphat>: Yeah, Syracuse threw me off
19:23 <bookworm>: That was incredible
19:23 <Jehoshaphat>: And of course Kansas losing
19:23 <bookworm>: That was cool
19:24 <bookworm>: I really wanted that one just to throw a wrench in things since so many in our group picked them ;)
19:24 <Jehoshaphat>: Yeah and that happened
19:25 <Jehoshaphat>: Actually both of my final championship players are out
19:25 <bookworm>: I can still have North Carolina if they win here
19:25 <bookworm>: They were my runner up
19:26 <Jehoshaphat>: Nice
19:27 <Jehoshaphat>: I had 6 of the final 8 right which helped me a lot
19:28 <Jehoshaphat>: I wish UVA had won, they were my runner up
19:28 <bookworm>: I had 4 of the 8, all of which were my Final 4 so it was looking okay
19:28 <bookworm>: Then none survived
19:29 <bookworm>: :p
19:29 <Jehoshaphat>: It looks like UNC might stay in though
19:30 <bookworm>: Probably will
19:30 <bookworm>: It was a really close game for most, but they're pulling away now
19:31 <Jehoshaphat>: That's good for you
19:31 <bookworm>: Well, is the 'best' case for me of cases that don't really matter
19:32 <bookworm>: I can get two more points
19:32 <bookworm>: If they get to the Final
19:32 <Jehoshaphat>: mhmm
19:33 Kaida joined #Madness
19:34 <bookworm>: Black_Ghost Kaida what do your Four look like?
19:35 <bookworm>: Going to be Oklahoma, Villanova, Syracuse, and looks like North Carolina
19:35 <Kaida>: Aww.
19:36 <Kaida>: I really wanted ND to win.
19:36 <bookworm>: They still could, they've closed the gap twice
19:36 <bookworm>: Running out of time though
19:37 <Kaida>: Go ND go!
19:37 <bookworm>: The only two in the group with a champ still intact both picked Oklahoma so I hope they lose :p
19:37 <Kaida>: Bahah
19:37 <bookworm>: So I want Villanova on that side
19:37 <bookworm>: And I'll let this one go official before thinking about this side
19:38 <bookworm>: How many do you have right? Any?
19:38 Countess joined #Madness
19:38 <bookworm>: Oregon out :(
19:38 <Countess>: :(
19:38 <bookworm>: Oh well
19:40 <Kaida>: I have none right in the four. Unless ND wins.
19:40 <bookworm>: Ah
19:41 <bookworm>: Who did you have in the final?
19:41 <Jehoshaphat>: Tim is having a rough go
19:41 <bookworm>: Heh
19:43 <Kaida>: Lemme check
19:43 <Kaida>: Texas A&M aaaaannnd
19:44 <Kaida>: Yep. ND. I think I just really liked their name.
19:44 <bookworm>: Oh really, so you could keep going with them
19:44 <bookworm>: Then I hope they pull this off
19:45 <bookworm>: Really unlikely though
19:46 <bookworm>: 1:25 left, down by 10
19:46 <Kaida>: Yeah. Oh whale.
19:48 <Kaida>: Bummer.
19:52 <bookworm>: North Carolina wins
19:52 <Jehoshaphat>: Darn
19:52 <bookworm>: So I guess I want them to go ahead to the Final on that side, may as well wring out the last points I can.
19:52 <bookworm>: Wouldn't mind at all if Syracuse manages to continue their improbable run though.
19:55 <Jehoshaphat>: I dropped to fifth place :(
19:55 <Jehoshaphat>: God is awesomeness could win the bracket
19:56 <bookworm>: I haven't moved
19:56 <bookworm>: Like the whole tournament
19:56 <Black_Ghost>: Haha
19:56 <Jehoshaphat>: lolz
19:57 <Kaida>: Skill, bookman
19:57 <Black_Ghost>: What place am I now?
19:57 <Jehoshaphat>: 10th
19:57 <Black_Ghost>: :(
19:57 <Black_Ghost>: *sniffles*
19:58 <bookworm>: I can get one more point; the people ahead of me who had Kansas are at least losing 2
19:59 <bookworm>: But it might not make a difference on balance
19:59 <bookworm>: And they might get the NC point as well anyway
20:01 <bookworm>: There's a break again before the F4 right?
20:04 <Kaida>: They're on April 2nd
20:04 <bookworm>: Cool
20:04 <bookworm>: See ya later then!
20:05 <Kaida>: See ya
20:05 Countess quit
20:06 bookworm quit
20:09 Kaida quit
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Final 4:
#Madness wrote:March Madness discussion and game chats for the Final Four!
Topic set by bookworm
10:26 bookworm joined #Madness
10:28 Kaida joined #Madness
10:28 <Kaida>: BOOKWORM.
10:28 <Kaida>: I was wondering if you'd remember.
10:28 <bookworm>: What?
10:28 <Kaida>: F4 games.
10:28 <bookworm>: Of course!
10:28 <bookworm:> They don't start for a few hours though
10:28 <Kaida>: Yeah.
10:28 <bookworm>: All star game is on right now
10:28 <Kaida>: Ohh okay.
10:28 <bookworm>: I don't get any of the rest of the games on TV
10:28 <bookworm>: But will be listening on the radio
10:28 <bookworm>: Tournament games I should say
10:29 <Kaida>: You don't have a laptop to watch them on?
10:30 <bookworm>: I don't have a connection to watch them on
10:31 <bookworm>: Only have internet when I go in to town or campus
10:31 <bookworm>: Which I won't be in evenings, when the games are
10:31 <Kaida>: Ohh. I see. Bummer.
10:33 <bookworm>: It's fine, I don't mind radio
10:33 <bookworm>: And I could go in if I really wanted to *see* one
10:34 <bookworm>: I might for the championship
10:34 <Kaida>: Gotcha.
10:36 <bookworm>: Limerick are you here yet??
10:36 <Kaida>: He hasn't said anything today.
10:37 <bookworm>: He hasn't said anything, in here, since the first day!
10:38 <bookworm>: UConn lost and he went into hiding I guess
10:38 Woody joined #Madness
10:39 <Woody>: Is everyone's champ gone yet?
10:39 <bookworm>: Two have Oklahoma
10:39 <bookworm>: So go Nova!
10:39 <Kaida>: Oklahoma must go down.
10:40 <Woody>: >=]
11:51 <Limerick>: Hmm? @ bookworm
11:52 Kaida jumps on Limerick.
11:53 <Limerick>: :o A pretzel has jumped on me
11:53 <Limerick>: Long time no speak
11:53 <bookworm>: I wanted your reaction to UConn winning first round, but you were in bed before the game ended and haven't been on again since
11:56 <bookworm>: Nothing?
11:57 <bookworm>: :x
11:57 <Limerick>: Hmm?
11:57 <Limerick>: First round?
11:57 <bookworm>: They won
11:57 <bookworm>: It was your chance to gloat
11:57 <bookworm>: Or at least celebrate
11:59 <Limerick>: First round of what though?
11:59 <bookworm>: The tournament?...
11:59 <Limerick>: That was ages ago :o
11:59 <bookworm>: Yeah
11:59 <bookworm>: You haven't been on since then! Just idling in here
12:00 <Limerick>: I didn't really have much of a reaction, it was a 9 vs an 8 :p
12:00 <Limerick>: I would have had more of a reaction if they had completed the comeback vs Kansas
12:00 <bookworm>: But they were down all game of I recall
12:00 <Limerick>: Yeah, but they outscored them in the second half
12:01 <Limerick>: But coming back from down 29... or some such number
12:01 <Limerick>: Was kind of a big ask :p
12:01 <bookworm>: Right
12:01 <bookworm>: Well are you following the women's tournament?
12:01 <bookworm>: It's working out there
12:01 <Limerick>: I am, yes, and it has been a true bracket buster for everyone lol
12:02 <bookworm>: UConn has?
12:02 <Limerick>: First time in recent memory that 3 number 1 seeds fell so early
12:02 <Limerick>: Last year all 4 number one seeds made it
12:02 <bookworm>: Oh I don't know about the rest, I just meant them specifically
12:02 <Limerick>: No, South Carolina, Notre Dame, and Baylor
12:02 <bookworm>: In the Final 4 again, looking for something like a 5th straight championship?
12:02 <Limerick>: UConn is all but locked in at this point
12:03 <Limerick>: They have no real competition left in that
12:03 <Limerick>: It would be beyond a stunning upset for them to lose vs the teams left
12:03 <Limerick>: I don't like Notre Dame particularly, since they are rivals
12:04 <Limerick>: But I was still hoping they would make it
12:04 <Limerick>: Since that matchup tends to be more interesting
12:05 <bookworm>: Well at least you have that then
12:05 <bookworm>: I remember one year I picked Notre Dame winning it all, they went out like second round. But in the women's they got to the Final, might have even won
12:06 <bookworm>: I thought 'why didn't we do brackets for that?'
12:06 <bookworm>: :p
12:06 <Limerick>: My bracket there is better slightly
12:06 <Limerick>: 58%
12:06 <Limerick>: I honestly wish I had done a men's bracket without UConn in addition to the one I did
12:07 <bookworm>: You should have
12:07 <bookworm>: A fan one and a realistic one
12:07 <Limerick>: I don't think I did too terribly all considering
12:09 <bookworm>: Well I'm going to go for a bit I guess. Back in a couple hours for the first final four festivities
12:09 <bookworm>: :p
12:12 <Kaida>: See ya
12:12 bookworm quit
12:27 Woody quit
14:58 bookworm joined #Madness
15:05 <bookworm>: Final Four time!
15:07 <bookworm>: Villanova and Oklahoma is up first, should be a great one!
15:09 <bookworm>: Tip off! \:D/
15:36 <Kaida>: Ooh Nova is looking good. Let's hope they keep it up.
15:36 <bookworm>: Yeah!
15:40 <bookworm>: Up 14 now!
15:51 <bookworm>: Halftime!
15:51 <bookworm>: Still up 14 \:D/
15:55 <Kaida>: YAY.
16:12 <bookworm>: Wow halftime sure seems loooong on the radio
16:13 <bookworm>: Oh, maybe F4 halftimes actually are longer, they might do a concert or something
16:22 <bookworm>: 7 Oklahoma points in 45 seconds
16:22 <bookworm>: That's not good
16:22 <Kaida>: o_o
16:25 <bookworm>: I'm going to have to go soon, won't get to listen to the other one. This was the one I wanted anyway though. NC/Syracuse is kind of a given.
16:25 <bookworm>: But so were all of Syracuse's other matchups...
16:26 <bookworm>: If they somehow pull off another upset I will be sad I missed it.
16:26 <bookworm>: I don't think they will though
16:29 Woody joined #Madness
16:31 <bookworm>: Nova back to +15
16:38 <bookworm>: Now up 21
16:38 <bookworm>: Wow!
16:38 <bookworm>: 11:19 left
16:38 <bookworm>: I'm not going to be able to finish this game :(
16:38 <bookworm>: On chat anyway. I'll be listening in the car
16:38 <Kaida>: Gotta go somewhere?
16:39 <bookworm>: Yeah for a bit
16:39 <Kaida>: Okay
16:40 <bookworm>: Might be back in time to catch the very end of the other game.
16:40 <Kaida>: Gotcha. See ya then.
16:41 <bookworm>: I don't have to go *just* yet
16:41 <bookworm>: But soon
16:46 <bookworm>: Now up 28!!
16:47 <bookworm>: 31!!!
16:47 <bookworm>: Holy cow
16:48 <Kaida>: WHOA
16:50 <bookworm>: They're both #2 so this win won't really be an upset, but this margin certainly will be
16:51 <bookworm>: OK g2g
16:51 <bookworm>: See ya later
16:51 <Kaida>: see ya
16:51 bookworm quit
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19:29 <bookworm>: The station isn't coming in!
19:29 <bookworm>: Can you see how much time is left?
19:30 <Kaida>: 9 min
19:30 <bookworm>: Thanks
19:30 <bookworm>: Seeing if any other channel is playing it
19:31 <bookworm>: Ah found one! Good
19:32 <bookworm>: NC up I gather, haven't heard a score yet though
19:33 <Kaida>: SYR - 53
19:33 <Kaida>: UNC - 67
19:41 <bookworm>: I can't believe this is the last game
19:41 <bookworm>: It always goes by fast at the end
19:41 <bookworm>: Used to two day rounds
19:42 <Kaida>: It is going by fast.
19:42 <bookworm>: I can get a final point here if NC gets the win, then I'm done
19:43 <bookworm>: I hope Villanova wins the championship
19:43 <bookworm>: They deserve it
19:43 <Kaida>: Same.
19:49 <bookworm>: North Carolina wins
Live chat for the College Basketball National Championship - Villanova vs North Carolina
Topic set by bookworm
19:50 <Kaida>: When will that be?
19:51 <bookworm>: Monday sometime
19:51 <bookworm>: Probably late
19:54 <bookworm>: I went up to fourth!
19:55 <Kaida>: You did?
19:55 <Kaida>: =o
19:56 <bookworm>: I have no idea how. The two I passed must not have had NC here for some reason
19:56 <bookworm>: That was the only points I could have gotten since I last checked
19:57 <Kaida>: Only four people chose NC
19:58 <bookworm>: My phone isn't loading the brackets, can you see who gia has in the final for me?
19:59 <bookworm>: And aio_rules and IN too
19:59 <Kaida>: He had Oklahome vs UNC with Oklahoma winning
19:59 <bookworm>: OK so he's done
20:00 <Kaida>: aio_rules had UNC and Kansas
20:00 <bookworm>: Who winning
20:01 <Kaida>: the latter
20:01 <bookworm>: So he's done also
20:01 <bookworm>: And Invisible Ninja?
20:03 <Kaida>: No clue who that is.
20:03 <bookworm>: Fwa
20:04 <Kaida>: Oh
20:04 <Kaida>: Kansas vs Iowa State with Kansas winning.
20:04 <bookworm>: Cool
Live chat for the College Basketball National Championship: Villanova vs North Carolina - gia's bracket wins no matter what!
Topic set by bookworm
20:05 <bookworm>: Though I was hoping for another like last year where the brackets came down to who won the Final
20:05 <bookworm>: That was fun
20:05 <Kaida>: That would have been fun.
20:11 <bookworm>: Well see you Monday!
20:11 <Kaida>: See ya
20:14 bookworm quit

#Madness wrote:Live chat for the College Basketball National Championship: Villanova vs North Carolina - gia's bracket wins no matter what!
Topic set by bookworm
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18:16 Kaida joined #Madness
18:16 <bookworm>: This is it!
18:16 <Kaida>: It's on?
18:16 <bookworm>: Just a few minutes!
18:20 <bookworm>: Tip off!
18:20 <bookworm>: Go Nova
18:21 Black_Ghost joined #Madness
18:21 <bookworm>: Just in time! :)
18:21 <Black_Ghost>: How's the game going? :)
18:21 <bookworm>: Just started
18:21 <Black_Ghost>: Ooh, sweet
18:21 <Black_Ghost>: I'm taking Villanova
18:21 <bookworm>: Me too
18:22 <Kaida>: Same.
18:22 <bookworm>: Yay
18:23 <bookworm>: I kind of wish I had stayed in town to watch it, but it seemed too late
18:23 <bookworm>: Oh well
18:25 <bookworm>: Either of you have it on?
18:25 <Kaida>: Just checking the score. will probably watch the last half or so.
18:25 <Black_Ghost>: No, I may in a bit
18:25 <bookworm>: You should put the radio on in the background
18:26 <bookworm>: Or video if you can yeah
18:33 <bookworm>: A fight?
18:34 <bookworm>: Just a confrontation
18:34 <bookworm>: No techs
18:45 <bookworm>: Exciting game so far
18:55 <Kaida>: Who's winning?
18:56 <bookworm>: I don't know actually, it was going back and forth
18:56 <bookworm>: In commercial right now
18:56 <bookworm>: Whoever it is it's not by much
19:04 <bookworm>: NC up by 4
19:04 <Kaida>: Boooooo
19:06 <bookworm>: Halftime
19:06 <bookworm>: NC up 39-34
19:29 <bookworm>: Second half underway!
19:33 Woody joined #Madness
19:33 <Woody2>: I really don't care anymore
19:33 <Woody>: =P
19:34 <bookworm>: But this is the culmination of everything!
19:34 Woody shrugs
19:34 <bookworm>: It's been such a journey
19:34 <Black_Ghost>: Well, I must admit my enthusiasm dropping noticeably after the Badgers were ousted
19:34 <Woody>: I play for the competition of the brackets
19:35 <Woody>: No one has any points to gain, so I basically consider the contest over
19:35 <bookworm>: It is. *points to topic*
19:35 <Woody>: Heh
19:35 <bookworm>: But that doesn't make this game any lesser of a thing
19:35 <bookworm>: It's the championship
19:36 Woody shrugs
19:36 <Woody>: It would've mattered to me if it affected our game
19:36 <bookworm>: Sure
19:36 <bookworm>: As a sports fan, it's still significant to me
19:37 <bookworm>: In context only of our group, not so much
19:37 <Woody>: And there's the clencher: I'm not a sports fan
19:37 <bookworm>: Right
19:41 <bookworm>: Tie game!
19:41 <bookworm>: 7th time
19:42 <bookworm>: Nova up now!
19:42 <Kaida>: Yay!
19:49 Woody has a personal bias against Nova because they knocked out his champ
19:52 <bookworm>: Lead up to 7!
20:13 Jehoshaphat joined #Madness
20:14 <bookworm>: Welcome!
20:14 <Jehoshaphat>: Hello
20:21 <bookworm>: NC pulls within 1 with 1 minute let
20:21 <bookworm>: The momentum swings in this game are crazy
20:24 <bookworm>: Anyone have it on now?
20:24 <bookworm>: Setting up to be an exciting ending
20:24 <Jehoshaphat>: I don't
20:24 <bookworm>: 13.5 seconds
20:25 <bookworm>: NC three pointer! X_x
20:25 <bookworm>: 4 seconds, tie game
20:26 <bookworm>: Announcers are saying people are throwing seat cushions everywhere
20:26 <bookworm>: "It looks like graduation"
20:27 <bookworm>: 4.7
20:27 <bookworm>: Nova ball to inbound
20:27 <bookworm>: Villanova player took the mop to clean the floor
20:28 <bookworm>: Buzzer beater for the win!!!
20:28 <bookworm>: Holy cow!!
20:28 <bookworm>: I need to look this up tomorrow for sure!
gia's bracket wins March Madness!
Topic set by bookworm
20:37 <bookworm>: Thank you for hanging out for all of this guys!
20:37 <bookworm>: It meant a lot to me, I hope you had some level of fun
20:38 <bookworm>: Or at least didn't hate it
20:39 <Black_Ghost>: WhaaT
20:39 <Black_Ghost>: What happened
20:39 <Black_Ghost>: And no, it's been awesome
20:39 <Kaida>: It was fun. =) Thanks for pushing us to get involved.
20:39 <Black_Ghost>: Thanks so much for organizing it all
20:40 <bookworm>: Nova won on a buzzer beater three after NC tied with 4 seconds left
20:45 Jehoshaphat quit
20:51 <bookworm>: Cutting down the nets
20:51 <bookworm>: Exciting on the radio :p
20:54 <bookworm>: I would hang out for the women's championship tomorrow night for Limerick, but I have a meeting
21:03 <Black_Ghost>: Sweeet!!!
21:03 <Black_Ghost>: We all called it!!
21:04 <bookworm>: Yeah!
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