Upgrade Info

We're back! \:D/
Thanks for your patience.

  • If you find an issue, please post it in the Log of site issues.
  • If there's a security concern, please PM Eugene directly.
  • The board is still actively under development, so please bear with us as we work to bring things back up to speed.

What happened?
We updated the software that powers the Town of Odyssey. There are some significant differences in how the board works, so there have been some changes around here.


What's changed? What happened to X feature?
Many of the MODs that we relied on for specific features in the past haven't been updated to work with the new versions of phpBB, so we've had to retire some features for the time being. These include: points/money system, shop/inventories, arcade, and blogs.

The update has also brought several new features, and we'll continue to evaluate and add new ones in the future!

I can't login anymore. What should I do?
Most of the password hashes were reset during the upgrade, which means that old passwords won't always work. You'll have to reset your password. If you aren't getting the reset email, you can email Eugene (aka Matthew) at eugene@odysseycentral.com with your username for further assistance. Don't worry--your account is still secure!

What will happen to my ToO money? How will Crestwood Avenue work now?
It's all gone. :/ We appreciate that it took a lot of time and effort to accumulate your wealth (and/or spend it all), but—like our last major upgrade—we've had to reset the economy. We'd like to bring back money at some point, but there's no solid plans or timeline for that.

As for Crestwood Avenue, the ToO will adapt to a new way of doing things. What will that way be exactly? We'll have to see. If you have ideas, please share them with the community! In the meantime, feel free to operate shops as usual without money.

Are all of the posts, groups, PMs, etc. still here?
Yes! The core of the ToO is the forums and the posts within them. All of that content and goodness has been retained for future ToO generations to come! Only extra features have been affected.

I want to change the default style. What happened to the other styles?
The new version of phpBB is so different that we had to retire our other styles for now. We look forward to bringing back old favourites and new designs in the future.

Will old features be brought back?
We'll see. It takes a lot of effort to make a custom feature when there isn't an existing extension.

Can I keep an archive of my old shop items like we did in the last major upgrade?
At this point we haven't set that up. We still have the old database that includes shop item information for each user, so someone can set up an archive in the future.

Known Issues
  • Passwords no longer work. The hashes were reset during the upgrade. - Fix: Reset password when logging in again.
  • Timezones are incorrectly set. phpBB changed how timezones are stored in the database. - Fix: Each user will have to change their timezone.
  • Gender data was lost during the upgrade. - Fix: Each user will have to set their gender, if desired.
  • Topic description field is too large. - Unresolved.