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Odyssey Moments presents another LIVE Odyssey event just in time for Valentine's Day! Join other fans as we all listen through 16 episodes from Adventures in Odyssey all themed around Valentine's Day. The fun starts today (February 13th) at 2pm Pacific Time with an early show starting at 11am Pacific Time.

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Online Live Stream

Adventures in Odyssey Listening Party: Valentine's Day Edition!

Saturday, February 13, 2021
@ 2:00 pm Pacific Time

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Early Show

@ 11:00 am Pacific Time

Episode List

Early Show @ 11:00 AM (PT):

  1. The Barclay Family Ski Vacation
  2. The Trouble with Girls
  3. A Class Reenactment
  4. The Triangled Web (1&2)

♫ Intermission ♫ — 1:00 PM (PT)

Main Event @ 2:00 PM (PT):

  1. The Last “I Do”
  2. First Love
  3. The Present Long Ago
  4. Mum's the Word
  5. Prequels of Love
  6. The Triangle (1&2)
  7. Truth, Trivia and 'Trina
  8. Naturally, I Assumed...
  9. Love is in the Air (1&2)
  10. Wrapped Around Your Finger
  11. For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll (1,2&3)
  12. Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips

(Episodes will be played in listing order)


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